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Manuals and User Guides for Control Techniques unidrive sp. We have 1 Control Techniques unidrive sp manual available for free PDF download: Advanced. and servo motors. Unidrive sp Controller pdf manual download. This method can be used, for example, for creating drive macros. Parameter RAM is used as. The information contained in this manual is believed to be correct at the time of Control Techniques Ltd operates an Environmental Management System (EMS) that Fundamental differences between Unidrive SP and Unidrive Classic.

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General Information The manufacturer accepts no liability for any consequences resulting from inappropriate, negligent or incorrect installation or adjustment of the optional operating parameters of the equipment or from mismatching the variable speed drive with maanual motor.

The contents of this guide are believed to be correct at the time of printing.

In the interests of a commitment to a policy of continuous development and improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to change the specification of the product or its performance, or the contents of the guide, without notice.

Torque and current control Figure Menu structure Menu This parameter selects the destination of an software version V Any Solutions Module type is recognized with all drive types in any slots. The relevant template is used to define menu 15 for the module type installed in slot 1, menu 16 for slot 2, and menu 17 for slot 3. Understanding the display There are two keypads available for the Unidrive SP. Both keypads can be installed to the drive but the SM-Keypad Plus can also be remotely mounted on an enclosure door.

Up key action when the last parameter in a menu is being least significant digit; and secondly by selecting each digit in turn and displayed will cause the parameter number to roll over to Pr x. Access to menu 0 only Access to all menus menu 0 to menu 22 The Access Level can be changed through the keypad even if the User Security has been set. This can be done whether the drive is disabled or running.

If the Up or Down keys are held the rate of change of keypad reference increases with time. This is only carried out loading if the parameter information held by the Solutions Module is for a different drive software version.

The drive allows up to five seconds for this process. See Chapter 8 Electronic nameplate on page for details. With software version V Regen unit rated current is given by Pr 5.

If a conflict occurs a dESt trip occurs that cannot be reset until the conflict is resolved. Therefore the absolute scaling of the analog inputs varies slightly between normal and high speed updating. The fast update rate is only possible provided the conditions given below are met. Analog inputs 2 or 3 on the drive The analog inputs must be in voltage mode with zero offset.

Thermal protection – drive 5. Precision reference Read-only RO Output 0. Reference used for jogging. Sequencer and clock on page for details on when the jog mode can be activated. The jog reference can be used for relative jogging in digital lock mode see section 5.


Position control on page Preset defined by Pr 1. This parameter defines the time between preset reference changes when Pr 1. Closed loop As with open-loop a higher resolution speed reference can be programmed by selecting these parameters. In this case the speed will have a resolution of 0. When this flag is set the preset timer for auto preset timer mode Pr This can be used to start a new sequence of reference unidrivd by a programmable input terminal or function.

When this bit is zero the preset selection will follow the timer even when the drive is disabled. Update rate Selects the value of the keypad control mode Pr 1. The output of the ramp controller when active is a current demand that is fed to the frequency changing current controller Open-loop mode or the torque producing current controller Closed-loop vector or Servo modes.

The gain of these controllers can be modified with Pr 4. The minimum level should be greater than the voltage produced on the DC bus by the highest supply voltage. Since the new ramp rate is selected with the new reference, the acceleration applies towards the selected preset if the motor needs to accelerate to reach the preset.

Ramp rate selection by terminal input 1 – 8 Ramp rate defined by unidrivr number, i. Ramp rate selection by Pr 1.

Control Techniques unidrive sp Manuals

The jog deceleration rate is only used when the drive is changing speed because the jog reference has changed or to stop from the jog reference. It is not used to go from the jog to the run state. This prevents the fast ramps normally used with jog from being used when changing between running and jogging. This value can be used as a feed forward term that is added to the speed controller output if Pr 4. If an analog input is used the absolute accuracy is further limited by the absolute accuracy and non-linearity of the analog input.

XX parameter terminals 3. Coding Default Open-loop Update rate Background read 3. The frequency slaving output operates up to Hz, above this frequency the outputs could be undefined. For further Menu 3 Open-loop parameters, refer to Pr 3.

If the lower limit is less than zero then zero is used as the lower limit. It should be noted that the differential term is limited internally so that it is ineffective if speed in rpm x Kd x Ki is greater than The Kd gain is not affected.

The bandwidth is defined as the theoretical 3dB point on the closed-loop gain characteristic of the speed controller as a second order system. This parameter is used to define the bandwidth used for setting up the speed loop gain parameters automatically when Pr 3.

Also operation at 4kHz, 8kHz or 16kHz is not possible and if these frequencies are selected the actual switching frequency is switched down to the next lower frequency. If a position feedback category Solutions Module is not installed in slot 1 the drive produces an EnC9 trip. Solutions Module in slot 2 3, Slot3: Therefore if the number of poles is set to two, one revolution is the movement by one pole pitch.

Drive encoder marker position reset disable 3. It should be noted that some SSI encoders include leading zeros before the turns information. In this case the number of turns bits should include the leading zeros. From software version For example – a Unidrive SP with software prior to 1.


SSI encoder are used the equivalent number of encoder lines per Parameter value Parameter string Baud rate k k k k k 1. This type of technjques gives absolute position and can be used for motor control in closed-loop vector or servo modes. The drive can check the position from the sine and cosine waveforms against the internal encoder position using serial communications and if an error occurs the drive initiates a trip.

SSI encoder it is possible to have apparent large change of position, and this can result in the turns information becoming and remaining corrupted until the encoder is re-initialized.

Under these conditions, without a filter on tecjniques feedback, it is possible for the speed loop output to change constantly from one current limit to the other and zp the integral term of the speed controller. Data can be read from the receive register Pr If there is receive data in the buffer bit 15 will be set.

Once the data has been read the register should be cleared and the drive will then transfer more data. Example of EnDat transfer: Read position Disable drive encoder position manhal by setting Pr This should be set back to zero at the end of the transfer if encoder position checking is required. Data read from Pr Either an external soft start resistor or the charging system in the drive may be used. Attempt to synchronize for 30s.

Emerson unidrive sp User Manual

If unsuccessful after this time then give a LI. After a failure during running attempt to re-synchronize for 30s before tripping. After a failure during running, trip immediately. If the power flow from the supply is reduced i.

During a rapid transient the bus will rise and then fall as shown below. The contactor should be controlled by this parameter. This output, or an alternative output, should be used to control the contactor. This parameter defines the strategy used for current trimming in regen mode. This is not the case and the flux producing current will vary as the load is increased. Therefore the maximum current limit may not be reached before the drive reduces the current limit to prevent the peak limit from becoming active.

V is given by the following equation. It is possible to set a level of reactive current with Pr 4. Input Read-write RW 0. XX load active overload overload overload alarm parameter terminals indicator indicator indicator accumulator indicator The parameters are all shown at their default settings Unidrive SP Advanced User Guide www. XX load active overload overload overload alarm parameter terminals indicator indicator indicator accumulator indicator The parameters are all shown at their default settings Unidrive SP Advanced User Guide Issue Number: Into supply The active current is aligned with the y axis of the reference frame.

The y axis of the reference frame is aligned with the regen unit terminal voltage vector. Current Frequency demand P Pr 4.