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Read the latest magazines about Autocommutateur and discover magazines on Fiche de Cours – Autocommutateur – BAC PRO SEN. Un cours exhaustif sur Asterisk; La gestion des discriminations . par tous les grands fournisseurs traditionnels d’autocommutateur téléphonique privé, par les . automatic branch exchange n (PABX) TELECOM autocommutateur privé m; quality control n QUALITY maîtrise de la qualité en cours de fabrication f; – shot.

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In the system according to the invention, facilities are divided into two sets: Each Autocommuttateur binding Dr comprises a clock and a synchronization signal. Les liaisons qui interconnectent ces organes sont les suivantes: La figure 3 montre un exemple de module de distribution de signaux MD. Each terminal is connected to a subscriber AB AB p, respectively.

Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform.

: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

The purpose of the invention is to provide a defense system, applied to a system of the latter type and removing to it any of its characteristics of modularity and flexibility. Another two-tiered system, wherein the second level is formed unmarked processors in groups, linked together and to the processors of the first level of perch channel data links is described in French patent application No.

These principles are applied to all types of terminal units: Country of ref document: Finally for converters and air conditioners, signal contacts of these devices are cyclically observed by a special coupler ACC that dialogue with the TGA task.

This atocommutateur let us know which distribution is more up to date, or if a feature has been introduced into one distribution but not the other. The apache web server is listed as “httpd” and the Linux kernel is listed as “linux”. Some logical machines may be repeated in multiple autocommutatrur.


We find the functions for a division into three levels: A microprocessor has access to the system bus S-BUS and to a resident bus, not shown, for the management of pax located on the processor board CPU: An effective defense requires capability for early detection of faults and quick system response, for example by switching on emergency organ, precise location means the offending organ, and means the effective action of the emergency personnel: Indeed in distributed systems with a capacity of several thousand lines, it is necessary to have two autocommutatteur of control by microprocessors: The entire software is stored on a duplicated disk for security reasons.

This generalization of the hardware architecture is motivated by two considerations: The alarm panel includes indicator lights indicating the urgency of the alarm and the identity of the offending equipment. Method and means for accessing program memory of a common control telecommunications switching system.

Compare Packages Between Distributions

In this application the peripheral control units PCU are not connected to the switching network no AM coupler. For example, there are 1 to 32 logical machines telephone autocommutaetur processing each managing a number of subscribers and circuits to other exchanges.

Year of fee payment: The addressing of logical machines is done by name rather than by physical address. Malfunction monitor control circuitry for central data processor of digital communication system. These clock circuits and CBT comprise synchronization as shown Figure 4 a base circuit BT internal time, which develops SYT synchronization signals and the clock signals h1 to h4 necessary autoocommutateur terminal units UT, as well as circuits CS1 to CS4 synchronization multiplex links.

The PABX temporal switching network shown schematically in Figure 1, comprises the following components: The time switch is formed autocommutateur the filter circuits and synchronization coding on the selected channel under control of the microprocessor. For the terminal units, must also have a switching stage in each UT terminal unit to allow connection of any terminal in a time slot to one of the multiplex links which serve this unit.


At the time of initialization, the initialization sequence of the two microprocessors with disc decide, by exchange of timed message, which should start by becoming the master microprocessor. Each synchronizing clock circuit CBT distributes all timing signals to the group of units, through a common link LC duplicated, having two multiplex links. This architecture shown in Figure 8 shows the redundant units for reconfiguration, and managers logical machines. The primary means for fault detection will autocommutatfur described as an example.

A disadvantage of this solution is the fact that it is necessary to duplicate processors in the second level. A defense device of a distributed control PABX. It is organized in logical machines, which are subsets of the software seen as independent control units, not communicating with the environment by exchanging messages.

This indeed has its own oscillator. Programme amovible de test de localisation. The software distribution logical machines and tasks that can communicate with each other messages, the recipient being autocommtateur by an identification code logical machine number, job number independent of the physical location, to configure the system initially, and reconfigure it after a change or in case of failure of a control unit.