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First-time novelist Stoehr draws a hard-hitting, graphically realistic portrait of Crosses. Shelley Stoehr, Author Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers $ Crosses. Buy Crosses. Crosses, by Shelley Stoehr. Nancy and Katie are best friends Crosses was the first novel for young adults to deal with an increasingly . A raw story of a teenager who tries to ease her emotional turmoil with self- mutilation.

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When Hurting Feels Good: Self-Mutilation, a Growing Teenage Disorder Self-mutilation, also called self-injury, self-harm, self-abuse or cutting is a disturbing disorder that is reaching significan proportions worldwide.

Twelve years later, CROSSES is still a favorite among teenagers and their parents, opening lines of communication in a non-threatening way, and making young people feel less alone. I definitely plan on reading it again and stoeh.


Shelley Stoehr

Many people, including myself at one time in my life, can truly relate to this book. Connecticut, and nationwide by arrangement shhelley via telephone. Available for last minute interviews. Crosses, by Shelley Stoehr.

shdlley Weird on the Outside. Quick Links buy WereSisters. What’s so important that they have to risk “life and limb” to save this dog? She has no recollection of anything about her life before age ten. One leg is so badly damaged she has to walk with a brace.

Crossess all she wants in her junior year of high school is to be cool. A big grey werewolf is killing humans in her town. And worse, her adoptive father might be dating her biological mother.

Torn among allegiances to her father, her newly discovered family, and the werewolf pack, Kyra must learn to control the beast within and find a way to stop the madman who threatens to destroy them all.


She is on the xrosses of the world and plans to stay there.

Then Selene kills a human and unleashes a murderous rage that threatens to turn her into a mindless, violent beast. Terrified of what she might become, Selene runs away.

Crosses – Shelley Stoehr – Google Books

Now, far from home in the company of killer werewolves, Selene must run again. She must find a way to regain her humanity.

Especially the feelings she has for Wendy, a girl with bright green hair and hard-candy sadness in her eyes.