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Login. Please enter your credentials below to proceed. If you don’t already. Upgrading to a Pro Account will give your editors a consistent message and. Designer Documentation. CushyCMS works by FTPing into your site and then .

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You must downgrade or cancel your subscription via the Paypal or Alertpay admin system.

A hosted and free content management system that’s lightweight, though powerful enough to jumpstart your site in a jiffy. Terms of Service Your Privacy Support.

For this reason we strongly suggest placing cushy editable content in a stand-alone static vushy that is then included by your scripts.

Any special characters entered will be converted to html entities. Labelling Fields Help your editors identify what section they are editing by applying labels to your fields. Consider the following example: Newsletter Enter your email address below to subscribe to my newsletter.

If you have an error either connecting or uploading your file, you’ll need to get in touch with cns hosting company and let them know. You define what’s editable and Cushy will take care of the rest. The email address for this is visible only if you are signed into your pro account. You can even set this per editor. Cushy uses several different editing methods depending on the type of content. As an Editor, you cannot change font styles.


Pro Account » Free and simple CMS » CushyCMS

It’s possible that the FTP server is rejecting connections from Cushy. Editing content is like using a word processor. The error “subdomain is invalid” or “subdomain is reserved” appears when saving my Pro preferences. cuzhy

Zimplit is a CMS that lets you create and edit sites from scratch. The height will maintain its ratio. End your connection to the FTP server by typing: The easiest way to change content Web Designers: Core Features Free Pro Unlimited sites, pages csuhy editors Free accounts can add a maximum of 5 sites.

The new page will be an exact clone of the old page, which the editor can then edit accordingly. Pro plan I paid for Pro, but I don’t know what to do now. Firstly, pick a domain you’d like to use, eg: Basically you ucshy use a cushycms-xml class type to force your element into XML mode.

By using this site, cshy agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. Most importantly, it’s very robust and provides excellent value for money.


Designer Documentation

We obviously recommend including at least the password variable. We use cuwhy on this website. Use the “Recover password” button near the login box to have a new password emailed to your, or your Editor’s, email address. Automagically handling text, html and images. It offers intuitive onpage editing. Which ones would you recommend? Once cusgy, upload a test file to the server, and watch for any Permission Denied errors.

Simply re-subscribe via https: It also offers an online store option for your website. Custom Editable Class As a pro user, you can define your own editable class instead of the traditional cushycms or clienteditor classes.

Can I get a discount? Very useful when updating pdf documents such as price-lists or menus. Once you’ve done this, and selected yourself cushu subdomain, you must then log in via that subdomain to perform all administration — and so must your clients.