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Download Cyberpunk – Dark Metropolis. Description. Download Cyberpunk – Dark Metropolis Free in pdf format. A city-life sourcebook detailing what life is like in the City of , especially in the Alternate Reality Universe. It is definitely a must-have for any ARU. Information from Cyberpunk © ian Games Inc; and Dark Metropolis © Ianus . Nyctophobia (The Dark) .. NETRUNNER (Cyberpunk , pg. 8).

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Trying to keep the campaign as low and edgy as possible where a cranked-up junkie with a knife is an actual threat to character safety, rather than the PCs going through battle-seasoned Elite Forces like they were popcorn.

Cyberpunk 2020 – Dark Metropolis

This site only fosters and grows that appreciation! I have not read every Cyberpunk novel out there does not seem to have any support in the genre. Because why would someone who spends their entire time coding, cracking systems and traversing the world at close to light speed want to go far from their extremely fast internet connection and risk being shot when they can help the party from the safety of their fortress or parents’ basement via phone or internet? Before we start, I’ll point out that I reworked the damage levels of weapons based on Dadk alternative damage values which were in turn based on Luciferin’s worktaking Rogue’s values as “Point Blank” damage and decreasing damage over distance a la FNFF Not meaning to take anything away from that with the above, by the way.

Surely they’re hardwired into your nervous system and feedback would be appropriate to the part mettropolis the body metrpolis are replacing. I may be wrong about this cyebrpunk the higher levels’ abilities to stop high-powered rifle bullets they may be tested at a greater “minimum range” but it really doesn’t matter a lot.

Similar Threads Cyberpunk PnP gets its video game version. More Information Edit History. It metropolks a lot more sense to me: Which brings us to why do you need cyberoptics for Times Square and targeting? And body armour’s not a lot more expensive here than overseas. Sometimes a right barnyard collection, which is fine as well. C a great need to sort out bludgeon damage rules ASAP.


Cyberpunk – ICP Dark Metropolis – PDF Free Download

So, for the sake of simplicity, I’m going to: So, according to Rogue’s tables, a standard or low velocity. Frankly I don’t have enough data to figure out values for high velocity and low velocity rounds and the gap between damage levels is so small there’d only be a few points difference anyway. Results 1 to 10 of No need to “subtract from this then add to that” and the weapons pack punch again.

So now we know roughly how many points of damage to subtract from the.

The first thing to go ages back. The stress, fatigue, environmental rules in the Ianus Games books are great for putting that bit of extra edge in the game.

Why aren’t all the gang-bangers or average citizens wandering around in it at all times?

Your modification might look like non-surgical costuming and therefore be glossed over or it might be so obviously cybernetic that it sends all the religious zealots scrambling to get the blazing torches.

In Real Life armour is readily – and fairly inexpensively – available.

I don’t agree with FNFF’s “divide metrooolis 5” rule – I’ve run the numbers and it seems inordinately weak. In Cyberpunk, the rules are kind of shaky and the armour SP values do not reflect Real-World levels of protection.

My players daark not be allowed to have ’em, but criminals tend to disregard the laws Not exactly Cyberpunk Finally started up my latest Cyberpunk campaign with mostly new players and even more house rules along with alternative rules pinched and modified from various online resources Blackhammer, Ocelot et al and alternative sources CyberpunkIanus Games’ Dark Metropolis etc – and a number of other mods.

It adds so much to the game that was, frankly, missing. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. No attribute can be boosted above No Web Links Found.

A decent-calibre rifle round is likely to go straight through Type I armour at any range though – in game or IRL.

Available skill points as per Ocelot’s alternative character generation.

Something FNFF failed to do when they dropped the “add to damage” rule, thus enabling people to take loads of wounds from firearms and still shrug them off like Arnold Terminator. What does that mean? A a list of armour types from Level I up to Level IV, each with an SP value cyyberpunk higher than that of a specific weapon’s maximum possible damage at point blank range feeling really glad now that I did not keep FNFF’s “added damage” metropolus, it’d be a nightmare to work out!


Not exactly Cyberpunk So I play both of those as NPCs – characters contact them, use their services and pay their money. In fact, after it’s hit your armour – and deformed somewhat before smashing its way through – it’s gonna do some pretty ugly stuff to your insides Where’s it from, and who’s it by?

As for why anyone but a Solo metropolie even then. Or for the players, at any rate.

Add a copy to your collection. Some will, some won’t.

However, I dare say that in real life Type I meteopolis may well stop a 9mm bullet fired from a distance, too – it’s just not guaranteed to. Here in New Zealand the gangs and other criminals ignore the firearms laws and have illegal firearms which they use – yet no one I know outside of the police force wears a bullet-proof vest. Vark armour types and the threats they are designed to stop are as follows: You can wear it, but for how long in this heatwave?

Well, this is “the Real World” so it means “that depends”. And even when it does stop the “killing damage”, there’s still bludgeon damage which can mess up your day broken ribs can be nasty, I hear, and a ruptured spleen can be fatal – even Davis puts in extra padding before metropoli himself in the guts with a. Then again, there’s been most sorts you could think of, and most of those worked at least OK.