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Hi there sorry if this is an easily answered question, but I’ve just recently gotten into orks, but I can’t seem to find the rules for the. Search The Waagh! or Warseer for Dakkajet Rules, Dakkadakka doesn’t allow posting them. The will be in the new White Dwarf Issue. Every Ork pilot wants “more dakka” on their Dakkajet and the rules allow for it, but there’s no standard way of doing it in the kit. Once again, it’s.

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There are 3 of them in a unit which means 3 pens rather than just 1, they pack decent firepower dkakajet and are fairly manouverable. You measure from hull, so from the top of the battlewagon, to any part of the flier.

Now, I don’t play Orks, so maybe points isn’t a lot, but I wonder how many Boyz you could have for that much? Interlopers, do we name you. An ork player could take 3 of each. I’m liking the dakkajet A little pricey, sure, but if supersonic gives the 12″ range dakiajet, or only hit on 6’s, or any number of the FW improvements in 6th edition, its a shoe-in.

We’d all been told that these things lurked in vents and crevices, that they could sneak up on a man no matter how alert, but that just wasn’t what happened.

What’s dakkaje source for this? The dakkajet can move 12 or 13″ and shoot everything, so it can keep up with a kff mek in a wagon.

  ISO 6259-1 PDF

Chaos is a ladder. So even if the Dakkajet turns out to be the ultimate anti-light vehicle for Orks, I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t matter anyway, because people are going to be taking a lot less AV11 hulls.

Ork Flyer Magnetised for Dakkajet, Burna-bommer and Blitza-bommer.

If the big mek is by himself, it would have to be from the base, unfortunately. After all, a flyer can contest and this will make the enemy’s decisions even harder.

Sounds like a blast?

There are dkkajet of them in a unit which means 3 pens rather than just 1. Still as long as Hissy keeps showing up this is one of the most entertaining threads ever. I’d heard there would be a clatter, then perhaps a hiss, but that’s not what it’s like. I don’t think cover will be an issue.

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This had the trade off of also making them harder to line up consistantly against targets of worth. It’s not a blast weapon.

MiniWarGaming Wargaming Forum

Times and dates in your local timezone. These guys routinely go to the big tourneys, and know a good amount about most armies and what they tend to bring at the big games.

Staying in reserve and getting cover saves from staying behind terrain or a battle wagon or turbo boosting will help to keep them alive. Im not sure on the better than buggy thing Jid. Running faster than I could follow.


Mainly, I think, because Rulfs just love the idea of ork fighter rlues yes, Deff Skwadron is one of my favorite comics ever and the rules are looking interesting.

Motto of the Imperial Guard ” If its worth bringing one its worth bringing three” y. If you are already a member then feel free to login now. However, dakkahet other vehicles gets no less than an automatic lascannon hit – last time I checked lascannons were good at destroying vehicles, I really don’t see much of a downside.

rules for the dakkajet – MiniWarGaming Wargaming Forum

Rkles some are given a chance to climb, but refuse. How is the KFF going to be measured for this thing? Unless you really need a tank dead, there is no need to move out of the protective KFF. I can also do well in reserve. If something goes terribly wrong 2 on 2d6 or 2.

The models look awesome, but do they really have a place in most ork lists? One of my favorite units from epic 40k were the fighta-bommerz. I love the models, heck I’m even planning out the Ork Army I’ve always wanted to field because of them and throwing my Eldar aside for now.