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Includes bibliographical references and index. Your publishing options, why you should consider self-publishing — Writing your book. Dan Poynter (September 17, –November 3, ) was an American author, consultant, . Poynter, Dan (). Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book. Santa Barbara, CA: Para Publishing. pp. If you’ve written a book and you’d like to self-publish it, you should know that it’s quite possible to create a thoroughly professional package which includes a.

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Moving your book out the door Aug 10, E. Most phblishing self-publish in both formats, but everyone is different. The world changed with the birth of the Kindle, linking an e-reader to the world’s biggest bookstore Amazon inand its been changing at an accelerated rate ev This book has been the true bible of the self-publishing industry through its many editions.

Your ads will show sometimes while people are looking for relevant xan during Google searches. But I thought the movie was more interesting, tighter, and more exciting. Up to the March It is easy to read, well organized, and thoughtful. Using ads smarter and thinking beyond them I skimmed the rest because I just wasn’t as interested in the topics covered in those chapters.


Dan Poynter’s self-publishing manual: how to write, print and sell your own book

There is so much detail in Dan Poynter’s guide that I believe it is a must-have resource for writers that want options to sending in query after query to established publishers who just don’t see the value of their work.

Little money, overwhelming competition, and no control. This means that generating lots of sales is the key to self-publishing the poyntwr way. Covers most of the bases, and covers them well.

Excellent and comprehensive handbook. Know where you’re going and concentrate on whats relevant to YOU, not the entire industry. Search the publishhing of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Obituary: Dan Poynter

Kind of like how Amway tells you to sign up other people to sell Amway so you can get a percentage of everything they sell. Lists with This Book. He advises consulting an expert when choosing a business structure; the same advice would be appropriate for contracts.

Because I have never met an author who was so thorough and conscientious at explaining all the ins and outs of something. Too many authors have assumed that publishers will market their books, only to find out too late that very little effort was expended in that direction.

It wasn’t that I saw the movie before reading the book that pushed me to like the book better. May 02, KareyLyn rated it it was amazing. I don’t think it is very well designed, and Poynter keeps telling me to look at his book for great examples.

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If you want to self-publish this is “the bible.

Para Publishing

For example, paying for Facebook ads which are targeted at the types of readers that you want to find may be very helpful. This site has hundreds of pages of information and free documents plus books both ours and those from other publishersreports, disks and tapes. Most of the information is about sales and marketing; which is what really separates a manuscript from a published book.

You may selc at any time with no questions asked. With regard to marketing, your safest bet is to utilize social media in order to get the world out. On the other hand, this book is a solid pages, and it provides almost everything you need to know to do it yourself.

Dan Poynter’s self-publishing manual : how to write, print and sell your own book

This book is very informative and reader friendly. No-one else is going to care as much about selling your novel as you are. This is the self-publisher’s Bible to self-publishing.