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a. dbmcli -d -u control, – Login b. dbmcli -d -u control, db_offline|db_state| db_online – Shutdown c. dbmcli db_enum & sdbuninst -l – Identify. The Database Manager has a command-line oriented client, the Database Manager CLI (DBMCLI). The Database Manager CLI is. At the server, the startsap command executed successfully, it shows that ASCS Command: dbmcli -d GWD -u control, info LOG.

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This metric shows the space utilization in the various files systems on the server.


Dbmlci you change the database server name, then you must choose a unique database server name. Example Granting a Role to a User This example shows how to grant a role to a user. Example shows how to revoke a role from a user. The name is comprised of a metric name and an object name with the format metricName. The name of the user who acknowledged the alert. For example the range ‘ This connection is described in note Status of the temperature.

If you do not drop dbmcpi members, then an error is issued by the system. Usage Notes name is the user name. When an alert changes its state, such as warning to critical or critical to clearanother occurrence of the alert is commaands with the same sequence number and a time stamp of the transition.


Example shows how to validate the SNMP setup on a database server. Example shows how to grant all attributes with a specified action, object, and options to a role.

SAP MaxDB Tools – MaxDB – SCN Wiki

For example, the following command would show the metrics created in the previous 15 minutes:. Values are stateful or stateless. The critical value also refers to a metric alert when the value exceeds the critical threshold specified in the metric definition. Size of the disk in bytes.

The name argument is required. Status of the database server.

The value of the name attribute must be less than characters and composed only of the following ASCII characters alphanumeric and underscore only: The default setting is TRUE. List of hosts that subscribe to the SNMP alert notifications. A current metric listing shows a set of observations on the current value of an individual metric.

DBMCLI – SAP Documentation

To run the download command, run the following commands on a compute node:. Disk revolutions per minute. The amount of virtual memory used by MS in megabytes.


The syntax for the attribute is as follows:. Metric name if the alert is based on commmands metric. Level for which trace messages are written. This chapter contains the following topics: Count of the number of hard write errors on the disk. Usage Notes When an alert occurs, a diagnostic package is created automatically. Diagnostic packages are generated for critical alerts only.

Normally root-rights are needed for this.

For example, you can perform the following redirection: The validation process sends a test e-mail message to comjands configured recipient. Example shows how to grant all attributes and options for a specified action and object to a role. Time stamp when an alert changes its state. A hyphen – is used at the end of a line to continue a long command onto the next line.