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Method and System for a Distributed Cloud Storage System that significantly enhances data security and application security of data and computing objects using distributed cloud servers. Data and computing objects are securely stored by shredding, encryption and storage distributed across multiple cloud servers. Server certificates are verified, abnormality usage inspected and alerts generated. The system continually learns and improves performance and security via server scaling, load balancing, abnormality detection from usage pattern monitoring, reliability improvement via storage duplication and adaptive modifications to security algorithms.

The invention is about improving data and application security over current and prior art using distributed cloud servers. Currently data and application security is achieved by enterprises using. DCSS handles data and computing objects. Server verification is performed by specifying at store time the re-assembly order to re-assemble shredded data assembly.

Verification is done at read time to match actual re-assembly order to expected re-assembly order.

Retail is huge with transactions running into trillions of dollars. Retail businesses are currently facing huge security threats and daily attacks. Current generation of POS systems have been attacked with sophisticated malware which infects and steals sensitive customer and credit data costing retailers billions of dollars example Target Stores.

DCSS would significantly improve both data and application security for retail computing by allowing more secure and reliable storage and retrieval of data and computing programs, scripts etc. Illustrates Data and Computing Objects. DCSS may be 0096 behind enterprise firewalls as well deployed within each server in the distributed cloud. Public or Private Cloud. Re-assembly Verification System—Verify reconstruction order.

Server Certificate Validation System—check and verify server certificates. Abnormality Detection System—detect and generate abnormality alerts. Compare DCSS to prior art. Protect against web page phishing attacks with DCSS. DCSS stores data and computing objects after shredding and encrypting data across cloud servers. Retrieve data and computing objects from cloud server locations after decrypting and de-shredding. Illustrates DCSS functional flowchart. Steps through are dces for these functions.

It must be noted that these steps need not be always in sequence shown dcws can be randomly performed providing inputs required by the step are available. For example the Learn System may occur in parallel to any of the steps tracking reliability, performance and security.

The retrieve sequence of dcs through may be running in parallel to the store sequence of steps through Verification step may occur in parallel to the de-shredding process Also shredding may be performed before or after encryption based on a setup choice. Similarly decryption may dcsss before or after de-shredding based on setup choice.

Shows a deployment example with data and computing objects DCO generated by users, applications, databases etc. Shows public or private cloud ccss be comprised of processing and storage servers as well as databases This covers data that might be flowing or streaming as well as data at rest.

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Show the major components for this embodiment of the invention. Shows the DCO shredding system comprised of bit or byte level shreddingrandomizing algorithms and a shredder database to store shredded data as well as store metadata on shredded data required for de-shredding.


This metadata on shredding could include the re-assembly order required for verifying data de-shredding. For example this might specify that ecss shredded image should be built back scss starting with pixels in the bottom third and then pixels in the bottom, then pixels in the top third. In one embodiment of the invention shredding FIG. In another embodiment encryption FIG. Shows the DCO encryption system comprising the encryption algorithmthe database storage for encrypted and shredded DCO prior to storing on the cloud and the encryptions keys storage Shows the DCO distribution system comprised of tracking cloud serversmapping encrypted and shredded DCO to cloud servers, transmitting to cloudsaving cloud server mapping and saving the data on the reconstruction order which may be used to validate the authenticity of the servers.

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For example we could save the order of reconstructing an image at a pixel level or shred level or byte or bit level and this could be then checked at the time of reconstruction to ensure it is from a valid set of servers. For example if the picture is to be reconstructed mid section first, bottom section second and top section last then DCSS will ensure this ordering occurs at reconstruction time to validate servers.

Key management generation is shown here showing the generation of shred, encrypt and distribute SED keys and saving these SED keys to a storage device Shows the key management process for accessing SED keys.

First determine which SED key is required and next access the storage location where stored Shows the decryption system to decrypt DCO. First access encryption keys which has been described in FIG.

De-shredding system is shown here. Illustrates the re-assembly verification system.

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First we track the reconstruction order set at the time of shredding FIG. Dcsa verify the reconstruction order and verify servers via server certificates, IP address etc. Reconstruction order might be at the shred level or the byte or bit level. Shows the process of validating server certificates—receiving certificates and verifying certificates from a valid list registered with DCSS by an administrator. Abnormality detection involves tracking usage patterns for example tracking the read cycles by different users and flagging abnormal patterns by comparing for example the number of read cycles with an abnormality flagging rule which says generate ddcss alert if the read cycles observed exceeds a preset level.

Shows the verification of SED keys used in the key management system with the user identity management Keys are required for the encryption processes, DCSS also tracks the encryption algorithm used by various data and computing objects Thus if an encryption system is compromised DCSS can perform a rollback and substitute a different encryption algorithm.

DCSS learning system is shown. Goal for Learning system to improve performance, enhance security and reliability. DCSS learning system is driven by scss performance and dcs monitoringb usage analysis 00069 c monitoring threat levels and malware detection Learning system drives performance tuningreliability scalingabnormality detection and adaptive modification of encryption and shredding security algorithms Compares DCSS functions with prior art.

Illustrates DCSS protecting data storage via shredding and encrypting to cloud server locations and retrieving data by reversing the process.

Example credit card numbers could be stored shredded and encrypted and then brought together ecss when required thus minimizing thefts by insiders and external data theft attacks. Illustrates DCSS protecting computer programs, scripts etc. Illustrates how DCSS can protect against web page phishing attacks that are used to substitute valid cloud servers 00069 imposters that can steal user information.


Users can set verification images and phrasesstore them shredded and encrypted in valid dcss servers and these can be checked at run time by DCSS via decryption and de-shredding and re-assembly order verification to validate the cloud servers. Illustrates use case in user and application identity management to enhance passwords and security tokens used to get access.

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Dcss and security tokens are shredded, encrypted and distributed by DCSS to cloud server locations The advantage when authenticating passwords is that we may independently authenticate each shredded character of a password and store and authenticate them separately. Users and applications are fully authenticated when all cloud-processing authentication servers return a positive authentication.

A system and method for data security, application security, user identification security, reliability and performance of storing and retrieving data and computing objects using distributed cloud servers and databases. The examples and specifications given above are for providing illustrations and should not be construed as limiting the scope of the invention. A method for cloud storage and retrieval of data and computing objects, said data and computing objects comprising data or computing objects or both, said cloud comprising of public cloud or private cloud or both; said cloud servers comprising storage servers or processing servers or databases or any combination thereof, said method comprising:.

The method tracking distributed data and computing objects, cloud servers and algorithms used in method described in claim 1 further comprising: The method as described in claim 2 further comprising: The method distributing data and computing objects to cloud servers after shredding and encryption as described in claim 1 further dcsa The method shredding data and computing objects before or after encryption; as described in claim 1 further comprising:.

Dss method de-shredding data and computing objects before or after encryption; as described in claim 1 further comprising:. A system for cloud storage and retrieval of data and computing objects, said data and computing objects comprising data or computing objects or both, said system comprising: The tracking system for distributed data and computing objects, cloud servers and algorithms used in system as described in claim 7 comprising: The system as described in dcsa 8 further comprising: The cloud distribution system for shredded, encrypted data and computing objects as described in claim 7 further comprising: The shredding system for data and computing objects, plain or encrypted as described in claim 7 further comprising: The de-shredding system for data and computing objects, plain or encrypted as described in claim 7 further comprising: US USA1 en Method and service for securing a system networked to a cloud computing environment from malicious code attacks.

Space-time separated and jointly evolving relationship-based network access and data protection system. Method and apparatus for enforcing use of danbury key management services for software applied full volume encryption. Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing a secure password manager.

Providing local storage service to applications that run in an application execution environment. System, computer program and method for a cryptographic system using volatile allocation of a superkey.