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Download Calendar Crestin-Ortodox apk for Android. An application should not lipsesca any Christian Orthodox Romania in calendar ortodox 4. calendar ortodox. 4. calendar creștin ortodox Cu aceasta aplicatie puteti consulta sarbatorile religioase crestin- ortodoxe. Sa vedem mai tarziu, cine stie pana atunci am descarcat calendarul de pe. Calendar Ortodox by fvciprian earned download data estimates and category rankings for top mobile Calendarul Creștin Ortodox conține informații despre sărbătorile by Razvan on 12/27/ – Version: 3.

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Calendar Ortodox 2. Cel mai complex calendar crestin ortodox pentru anul acum sipentru S-au adaugat si lunile din anul si calenadr in 31decembrie veti avea calendarul pe ambii ani.

In aceasta aplicatie gasiti informatii despresarbatori, sfinti sau zile onomastice. Fiecare zi in parte aredescrieri si detalii astfel incat gasiti predici, pilde, informatiipretioase despre ziua respectiva sau obiceiuri si traditii.

Toti ceicare au instalat inainte de 23 noiembrie aceasta dscarca vortrebui sa faca update la aplicatie. Am adaugat posibilitatea, dacaeste nevoie, de a mari sau micsora caracterele in paginiledeschise. Momentan aplicatia este gratuita asa ca krtodox acum siinstalati-o. The complex Orthodox Christian calendar for nowand They have added months of until December 31will have on both calendar years.

In this application you will find information aboutholidays, birthdays or saints. Each day can have descriptions anddetails drscarca find sermons, parables, valuable information about theday or customs and traditions.

Everyone who installed beforeNovember 23, this application will need to make updates to theapplication. We added the possibility, if necessary, to increase ordecrease font pages open. Currently the application is free so takeadvantage dfscarca and install it. Calendar Ortodox 1. Webradio Hosting Show More Radio Manele Romania 2. Aici gasesti cele mai bune si cele mai noi posturi deprofil gratis. Asculta postul de radio preferat cu manele!!! Zilniccautam posturile noi aparute si le introducem in aplicatie pentrutine si prietenii tai.

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Download Calendar Crestin Ortodox APK latest version app for android devices

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Calendar Crestin Ortodox

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Calendar Creştin Ortodox for Android – APK Download

Iron Eagle FM Radio 1. Listen to the world’s radio and Concentrate to thousands of yourfavorite songs played by your best-loved dj’s on air! Radio Manele – asculta acum gratis. In aceasta aplicatie gasiti sipeste 30 de radiouri care difuzeaza manele. Printre radiouri putetiasculta si Super FM Brasov.

Aplicatie gratis doar in acest an!!! Manele Radio – listen now for free. In this application look andover 30 radios that broadcast Manele. The Super FM radio, you canlisten and Brasov. Free Application only this year!!! Aplicatia calendar Crestin Ortodox oferainformatii despre posturile anului si cat si despreprincipalele sarbatori crestin ortodoxe din acest an. Afla sfintii si zilele in care se mananca de post.

S-au adus cateva schimbari in sistemul aplicatiei, trecand lagrafica ionic. Toti cei care au instalat deja aceasta aplicatie vor trebui sa facaun upgrade. Orthodox Christiancalendar application provides information about job and and on the main Christian Orthodox celebrate this year. Find the saints and the days when eating fasting. They brought some changes in application system, switching tographics ion. All those who have already installed this application will have tomake an upgrade.

Similar Apps Show More Calendar Ortodox – 2. Prin aceasta aplicatie va oferim cel mai complex calendar cu zilesi sarbatori religioase din anul si pana in Here you will find: Pentru a vizualiza sarbatorile crestinortodoxe si zilele de post, nu este necesara conexiune la internet,insa daca doriti sa vedeti in detalii fiecare sarbatoare, predici,pilde, informatii pretioase despre ziua respectiva sau obiceiuri sitraditii, veti avea nevoie de conexiune la internet.

Calendar Crestin Ortodox, sa te calauzeasca in fiecare zi, si prinatentia mult mai multa pe care o vei da de acum inaintesarbatorilor, o sa fii mai aproape de Dumnezeu si de mantuireasufletului! Christian Orthodox calendarapplication dedicatedto all Orthodox believers, together with the Church, and we offerthe most comprehensive Christian calendar easy to use,intuitive interface and easy to use, the application is optimizedfunctional and latest android.

Orthodox Calendar you willhave free access to information about Orthodox Christian religiousholidays, major stations of the year, days of fasting, the holydays and traditions of each church, plus many other details andsurprises.

To view holidays Christian Orthodox and fasting days isnot required internet connection, but if you want to see in detaileach celebration, sermons, parables, valuable information about theday or customs and traditions, you will need an internetconnection. Christian calendaran application for free, whereyou will find all the information necessary for a true Christianwith strong faith in him and in God, over an entire year, holidaysare displayed in red or black, depending on the importance their.


Orthodox Calendar also offers church ordinances importantposts of the year, and it is done or not done weddings, presentedin a special section.

Orthodox Christian calendar, guide you everyday, and by far more attention that you give from now on holidays,will be closer to God and the salvation of souls! Calendar ChristianOrdotox bring through a simple application, easy to use andavailable to everyone all the feast of the year, ordinances churchdays of fasting and paper days when there are weddings, holidays,days off and religious explanations Holy Fathers every day or partof a day or touch the Holy desired. Content is only in Romanian andis approved by the Romanian Orthodox Church!

Christian OrthodoxCalendar comes free help millions of Romanian go abroadbringing them handy birthdays throughout the year with many days offasting and other religious ordinances presented in a specialsection. Holidays are displayed in specific colors CalendarululOrthodox Christian in in Romania. Calendar importantcelebration at Easter, Christmas, Nativity, Ascension and othersare carefully detailed text touch on that day!

The application canfunction sin in offline mode without internet connection butdetailed explanations application day passes in online mode andwill need Internet!

Lord, help and a blessed year! Calendar Ortodox cu Widget 2. Theapp contains a widget that shows details about the feast currentday and for the next week. App content is completely offline noInternet connection required for use. The texts are taken from theMetropolitan Romanian Orthodox Christian calendar. For complaintsand suggestions please send an email from the “About” and I willtry to respond as quickly as possible.

Venim in sprijinuldumneavoastra cu o colectie de colectie de rugaciuni audio cetrebuiesc stiute si avute la indemana la vreme de necaz si bucuriein casa oricarui roman! Daca nu ai timp sa te duci la Biserica laSfanta Slujba, aceasta aplicatie iti vine in ajutor sa poti sa fimai aproape de Maica Domnului, Iisus Hristos si de Dumnezeu,ascultand rugaciuni sfinte, cartea sfanta, rugaciuni Arsenie Boca,biblia audio in romana, si multe multe altele. Aplicatia estegratuita si contine rugaciuni crestin ortodoxe romanesti, predicidin biblia romamneasca, ce pot fi ascultate doar cu conexiune lainternet.

In functie de viteza conexiunii, aplicatia va porni mairepede. Intra si vei vedea! In the era of moderntechnology it is necessary to have the prayer book as a mobile appwith Orthodox prayers, religious unsettled and even audio prayers.

In this way, Christians concerned about the salvation of his soulhas incessantly on his home, at work or on the road.

We support youwith a collection of audio collection of prayers that must be knownand taken handy in times of trouble and joy in the home of everynovel! If you do not have time to go to church at Holy Mass, thisapplication comes to help you to be closer to the Mother of God,Jesus Christ and God listening to prayers holy, holy book, prayersArsenie Boca, bible audio in Romanian and much more.

Theapplication is free and contains Romanian Christian Orthodoxprayers, sermons from the Bible romamneasca that can be heard onlywith Internet connection.

Depending on your connection speed, theapplication will start faster. God will have the security, Amen!