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A reference regional nuclear fuel centre. A nuclear fuel centre groups the facilities for spent fuel reprocessing, plutonium fuel fabrication, waste conditioning, and interim storage on a single site. The technical aspects of safety and protection, and the socio-economic consequences of two types of centre have been studied. The reference centre has an initial reprocessing capacity of tonnes.

This capacity is quadrupled by the construction of vuctor new units in 15 years. The other centre considered is a quarter of this size. A description is given of the processes used, the personal and capital requirements for construction and operation of the plant, the transport of radioactive waste and products, and the quantities involved. The local radiological impact is low and could be further reduced to a level well below that victpr natural radioactivity.

The resulting increase in economic activity, employment, income redistribution and the new infrastructure requirements are estimated for a rural or eel region.

Trovate 16828 canzoni in Inglese o Spagnolo o Francese o Norvegese

Measures to prevent tension are proposed. The impact of the host country’s balance of payments, finances, employment situation and technological knowhow is evaluated.

The original centre is compared with descxrgar facilities scattered geographically. In Valencia will house the first Spanish centre for the treatment of cancer with protons. The most advanced countries are beginning to apply a new type of radiotherapy, more powerful and specific than that currently in use, based on the use of protons.

The first Spanish centre to be equipped with a complex facility of descargxr type will be the Valencian Institute of Medical Physics, which will be jineet to treat 2, patients a year. This radiotherapy technique is especially suitable for the treatment of cancers in children and cerebral and ocular cancers, which affect some 8, patients a year in Spain. Which pathogens or syndromes are selected to be covered by a NRC depends on their epidemiological relevance, the special diagnostic tools, problems with antimicrobial resistance and necessary infection control measures.

Currently, there are 15 NRC, which are appointed for a period of 3 years currently from January through December Towards the end of their appointment all NRC are evaluated by a group of specialists. The assessment of their achievements is guided by a catalogue of tasks for the NRC.

In addition to the NRC, a total of 50 laboratories are appointed which provide specialist expertise for additional pathogens in order to have a broad range of pathogens for which specialist laboratories are available. Jjnete predominant task is to give advice and support for special diagnostic problems.

Both NRC and the specialist laboratories are important parts of the network for infectious disease epidemiology. El referente de los institutos tecnologicos valencianos. The 14 Technology Centres of the Valencia Region were founded a few decades ago. They aimed at promoting a competitive and solid industrial network through Innovation, Research and Development. The centres have become a key factor in the creation and development of numerous business innovative initiatives.

Nowadays, they count on more than Environmental criteria have always been essential to the centres innovating activity. The centres are aware of the fact in order to progress the environmental variable and sustainable development are vital. It proposes, without verification, a definition of a Security Culture based on three criteria. The way that “Awareness” was increased is shown by the specific initiatives commenced as a result of a CRAMM Risk Analysis and the management and staff training cuartl.


The specific initiatives mentioned include, an Information Systems Security Policy, a contingency and disaster recovery plan, improvements in the physical protection of equipment and changes to the method of access control. The “Acceptance” by the staff of these measures is considered and the success or failure of “Developing A Security Culture” examined. Cervical cancer screening in women referred to healthcare centres in Tabriz, Iran. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among Iranian women and among the few cancers that could be easily diagnosed in the pre-malignant stage.

We aimed to assess the status of cervical cancer screening in women referred to health care centres in Tabriz, northwest Iran. This descriptive-analytical study was done on women referred to health care centres of Tabriz, northwest Iran. The centres were selected using the multi-stage cluster sampling method.

The participants were selected from the active records of those centres. A questionnaire regarding the socio-demographic characteristics and cervical cancer screening and reasons for referring or not referring for screening was completed by the participants A P marriage or having sexual intercourse at a young gictor, history of obvious cervical infection, cautery, cryotherapy or repeated curettageage and type of family planning] in screening was controlled.

Suitable and continuous educational programmes especially for high risk women should be implemented through the health care services. Preparing educational brochures and pamphlets and providing adequate training on the necessity of early referral and blazuqez counseling could also be effective in improving woman’s awareness and performance.

Canzoni contro la guerra

Audit of the referred patients to a tertiary centre: Eje urbano Moro Zeit, Valencia. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. This one outlines a series of social.

With this appellative they define areas that have finish ed their physical rehabilitation and their social and economic regeneration. As upgrade of the Plan already presented, u intends now the result of one of those completed areas, which is the Moro Zeit Urban Axis. The initiative has required the coordination of all the agents interveners, public and private, with periodic meetings of different work groups that have adjusted the final quantitative and qualitative parameters.

Fotografias pintadas” “Maalitud fotod”. The questionnaire for the OIE Reference Laboratories contained 7 sections with questions on networking between laboratories, reporting of information, biosecurity quality control, and financing. Emphasis was placed in obtaining information on inter-laboratory relationships and exchange of expertise, training needs and sharing of data and information.

The questionnaire for the OIE Collaborating Centres sescargar six sections with the emphasis on aspects related to awareness of services that can be provided, expertise that could be made available, sharing of information and the relationship with the national veterinary services of the countries concerned. The responses to the questionnaires were collated, categorised and statistically evaluated to allow for tentative inferences on the data provided. Valuable information emanated from the jinere identifying the current status of networking and indicating possible shortcomings that could be addressed to improve networking.

Antonio Aliprandi, un estucador lombardo en la Valencia de Around many foreign artists appear in Valencia where they will stand for several years leaving in our town quite a lot of handcrafts. One among them, Antonio Aliprandi, will specialize himself on recovering many buildings with stucco, mainly in churches.

This text makes a journey along Aliprandi’s art pieces in Valencia after working on files to find the documents refered to carto. Actuaciones en Ciutat Vella, Valencia. Full Text Available The historical Valencia ‘s center -one of the biggest in Europe-was in a great urbanistic, architectonical, social and economical damage way al the begining of the last century. The urbanistic modifications realised in Valencia town al the end of descragar last century and al the begining of the new one, were carried out without a real knowledge of how to integrate the old town, with its gradual aging and also its gradual economical activity fall.

AII those subjects were studied by the Stat e, Self-Governing and Local authorities when they decided lo begin the works lo recover the place, with the following and main purposes: Starting from this point, the Local and Self Governing Authorities signed, inan agreement in order to invest about The combined action of different Governments and the dsscargar of the private initiative, was completed with the European help through FEDER funds, concerning the Operative Urban program in order lo recuperate the degradate districts.


Very remarkable is also the participation in all national or international forumin order lo share experiences concerning the recuperation of historial town centres. Las reformas urbanas realizadas en la ciudad de Valenciatanto a. Allocentrically implied target locations are updated in an eye- centred reference frame.

When reaching to remembered target locations following an intervening eye movement a systematic pattern e error is found indicating eye- centred updating of visuospatial memory. Here we investigated if implicit targets, defined only by allocentric visual cues, are also updated in an eye- centred reference frame as explicit targets are. Participants viewed vertical bars separated by varying distances, and horizontal lines of equivalently varying lengths, implying a “target” location at the midpoint of the stimulus.

After determining the implied “target” location from only the allocentric stimuli provided, participants saccaded to an eccentric location, and reached to the remembered “target” location.

Irrespective of the type of stimulus reaching errors to these implicit targets are gaze-dependent, and do not differ from those found when reaching to remembered explicit targets. Implicit target locations are coded and blazquze as a function of relative gaze direction with respect to those implied locations just as explicit targets are, even drscargar no target is specifically represented. A study of goiter among female adolescents referred to centre for nuclear medicine, Lahore.

Among adolescents Among goiterous patients The number of patients with solitary nodular goiter The incidence of descargra thyroid dysfunction, both overt and subclinical, was detected in 42 To evaluate the pattern of use of opioid and other illegal drugs in patients seeking addiction treatment in Birjand, jibete Iran.

The prospective study was conducted from March 21, to March 21,and comprised all patients referred to the seven addiction treatment centres in Birjand. Data was obtained through pre-designed questionnaires and it was analysed using SPSS Of the substance users referred to the 7 centres and who volunteered to participate, The mean age of the first experience with drugs was There was significant different between the type of drugs used and the place of residence p Appendiceal Goblet Cell Carcinoids: Appendix goblet cell carcinoids are known to share histological features of adenocarcinoma and neuroendocrine tumours.

Due to their low incidence, quality evidence is lacking for the management of these patients. We performed a single- centre retrospective study of patients with a confirmed diagnosis of appendiceal goblet cell carcinoid GCC; Patients were divided into curative intent CI and palliative intent PI cohorts.

Our primary end point was overall survival OS. The estimated median OS all patientsdisease-free survival CI patients and progression-free survival PI patients were Age and stage were independent factors associated with OS in the multivariable analysis. Tang classification showed a trend for impact on OS. No benefit from specific adjuvant approach was identified; however, selection bias for treatment approach was observed.

Prospective trials are needed to define optimal approaches in GCC. All GCC patients should be managed by specialized centres due to their esoteric behaviour; we provide management considerations based on our experience and conclusions. Initiation of non-invasive ventilation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and clinical practice guidelines: Single- centreretrospective, descriptive study in a national reference centre.