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DIREITO DIGITAL. Front Cover. PATRICIA PECK PINHEIRO. SARAIVA EDITORA – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for DIREITO DIGITAL. Direito Digital Aplicado () [Patricia Peck Pinheiro] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Direito Digital – 6ª Ed. [Patrícia Peck] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. O Direito Digital já se tornou uma disciplina essencial para.

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The Digital Law represents the maturation of the legal role as a link between innovation and risk management. The evolution of Digital Law in recent years has changed its level, placing it as a strategic tool in Public and Private Organizations, broadening the view on responsibilities, risk management, governance, legal compliance and reputation protection.

The work aimed at protecting intangible assets is led by founding partner Ms. Patricia Peck, 1st place in the Intellectual Property national rank. The digital marketing area is coordinated by the partner Mr. Leandro Bissoli in what concerns the protection of the Digital Brand, its actions on the web, social media, the use of campaigns and applications, as well as the response in the image crisis or the need for removal Of content. Caroline Teofilo, the firm develops and applies a complete methodology with the PDCA model in three fields: From the drafting of policies to employee contract termination in order to avoid data leakage and cyber-attacks, allied with the compliance area led by new Peck Law partner Mr.

Peck Advogados – Direito Digital – Pioneirismo, reconhecimento e vanguarda em Direito Digital

Marcelo Crespo, Peck Law reinforces the legal protection and adequacy of companies in the digital world. The digital economy has led to a global shift in the ways we do business. To ensure reliability and good performance it is essential to provide the proper legal protection of digital businesses, area led by the partner Mr.


Allied to this performance, the partner Ms. Sandra Tomazi performs all the legal shielding of IT contracts to avoid suppliers and employee-related legal issues. Lawyer specialized in Digital Law with more than 20 years of experience.

Lawyer with more than seven years of experience in Information Security, including in the financial area. Lawyer specialized in Digital Law with more than 15 years of experience in Digital Crimes and Compliance. Since its foundation inPeck Advogados stands out for having a team that has solid technical and legal training, which is differentiated in the market by theoretical and practical qualification.

Know the principles and activities developed by professionals.

We live in a digital and connected society, in which technology intensifies, speed up and democratizes human relations. Social wealth is based upon intangible assets, such as brands, trademarks and know-how.

The new legal role is interdisciplinary, encompassing all traditional areas of the law.

Direito Digital by Patricia Peck Pinheiro

The aim of Peck Advogados with the publication of this document is to establish the minimum standard of professional conduct and to guide the development of the work in order to guarantee the application of the best digital security practices that allow to protect the integrity of the data and the reputation of the office, of its customers and employees, within a more technological scenario, with increased mobility and information sharing.

In this way, all lawyers, whether associated, service or capital partners, are responsible for complying with the described Ethics and Digital Security Principles.


Acting directly with schools to support the enabling of students and teachers in facing the new challenges of the Digital Society and the ongoing use of technology in the classrooms and out of them.

Conscious individuals become better citizens, enhancing their capabilities on choosing their representatives and acting directly for the improvement of their community. Technological Innovation, digital banks and fintechs.

Dizem que aqueles que têm propósitos parecidos se cruzam na jornada.

Recognized as one of the best specialized law firms in the banking category ptaricia Brazil, Peck Law supports the technological innovation of its clients. Protagonism in the Brazilian Judiciary.

Based on analysis, work and pioneer deliveries, Peck Advogados has been leading since the advance in the Brazilian Judiciary. Privacy and Data Protection. Peck Law provides legal services to assure database adequacy, in legal pexk and in the elaboration of the privacy policies difeito with the new global regulations. Considered an office of excellence, it has a well-known recognition in the market with awards that attest to the vanguard of studies and solutions for the use of technology in companies.

Patricia Peck Lawyer specialized in Digital Law with more than 20 years of experience. Our view of the world. Ethical and Security Principles.