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Cartucho. Relatos de la lucha en el Norte de México (Biblioteca Era) (Spanish Edition) Nellie Campobello (Author), Jorge (prólogo) Aguilar Mora (Contributor ). El albor del siglo veinte modificó violentamente el orden simbólico y material del Mexico, Nellie Campobello’s Cartucho () coalesces banditry, politics. Title: Cartucho, de Nellie Campobello: la Revolución Mexicana desde una perspectiva lúdica. Language: Spanish. Author, co-author: Vanden Berghe, Kristine.

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She is notable for having written one of the few chronicles of the Mexican Revolution from a woman’s perspective: Cartuchoa book that chronicles her experience as a young girl in Northern Mexico at the height of the struggle between forces loyal to Pancho Villa and nellis who followed Venustiano Carranza.

Nellie Campobello

She moved to Mexico City in nellir, where she spent the rest of her life and associated with many of the most famous Mexican intellectuals and artists of the epoch. Like her half-sister Gloriaa well-known ballet dancershe was also known as an enthusiastic dancer and choreographer ; she was the director the Mexican National School of Dance.


She was born inthough she would later sometimes say that she was born in, or After her father was killed in the Battle of Ojinaga inher mother remarried the physician Stephen Campbell from Boston, whose last name the children assumed, and which Nellie altered to Campobello.

Inafter the Mexican Revolution campobellp, she came to Mexico Citywhere she, and her sister Gloria, studied dance.

She was later from director of the national school of dance at the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes. In Campobello suddenly disappeared, along with her belongings including paintings by Orozco and Diego Rivera. As the critic Tabea Linhard puts it, “the tragic end of Campobello’s csrtucho seems to echo a story the author herself may have written.

Cartucho – Wikipedia

She was never married, but had several affairs. To this day, she is considered the only female Mexican writer to publish narrations semi-autobiographical about the Mexican Revolution of This is why she is often referred to “La centaura del norte”, the “Centaur of the North.


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Nellie Campobello – Wikipedia

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