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In Enciclopédia da Conscienciologia. Foz do Iguau Associao Internacional do Centro de Altos Estudos da Conscienciologia (CEAEC) e Associao Internacional . Associação Internacional para a Evolução da Consciência – ARACÊ. Um lugar de muita energia imanente, tranquilidade e oportunidade de estudar a.

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An assistantial task is universalistic, cosmoethical, fraternal and should ideally be clarifying clarification task instead of consoling consolation task. Also known as the heart chakra. The consciential bond goes beyond the employment conscienfiologia.

In other words, the incessant linking of the experience of the present moment to immediately prior and subsequent experiences, in a cohesive and unified whole, with neither interruption in continuity nor staunched consciential experiences. Besides the physical aspects planned, in the non-physical dimension, an energetic-informational field holothosene specific to the theme conscienciologix each laboratory is installed.

Thus, the more the building is used, the stronger its holothosene and effects. This specialized arrangement creates a multidimensional chamber, providing opportunity for deep self-research. The microcosm of the consciousness in relation to the macrocosm of the universe. This is experienced by mediocre intraphysical consciousnesses having few talents and no versatility.

The conscientiogram is the basic instrument employed in conscientiometric tests.

The conscientiologist operates as an agent of evolutionary renovation retrocognitive agentin the libertarian work of consciousnesses in general. In this condition, the consciousness senses the living presence of the universe and becomes one with it, in an indivisible unit.

Interconsciential communication occurs in this singular condition. Cosmoethics surpasses social, intraphysical morals or those morals presented within any human classification. It is a subdiscipline of conscientiology.

A personal thosene aligned to the thosenes of a group, without reflection, implying groupthink or complicity. Thosene characteristic to crowds and religious events. Third desoma is the deactivation of the psychosoma. It is a field of conscientiometry holomaturology.

Destructive macro-PK can even prove fatal to the soma. Dreams are characterized by a set of ideas and images that present themselves to the consciousness. The afflictive dream that has the effect of agitation, anguish and oppression is termed: The state wherein free will is restricted by infantile egocentrism.


A practical activity or session that is administered to deliver a deep bioenergetic work and multidimensional experience. Empraxis provides an opportunity for a theory to become a firsthand experience. In turn, the experience brought about by the empraxis grants to the individual the possibility of confirming, testing or furthering a given consciential concept.

The natural dimension of the energosoma.

The energosoma forms a junction between the soma and the psychosoma, acting as a point of connection through which consciential energy flows from one consciential vehicle to the other. A more adequate expression than evolutionary orienter.

Instituto Internacional de Projeciologia e Conscienciologia

This subject is specifically related to the evolutiologist or evolutionary orienter. It is based upon the prioritization of and the full-time dedication to the execution of the existential program, beginning at a young age.

It is therefore the finishing of a still incomplete existential mandate. Evolutionary existential sequencing of the consciousness; successive existences; intraphysical rebirths in series. Human or intraphysical life.

Synonym outworn and exhausted by excessive use: The extraphysical clinic is a domiciliary holothosene. The state of individual free will, when connected to the evolutionary group.

Archaic equivalent expressions that have been outworn through continued use: It is an altered state of consciousness. This state is characterized by oneiric images with auditory effects and hallucinatory visions that continue after awakening. Immanent energy has still not been tamed by the human consciousness.

It is too subtle to be discovered and detected by existing technological equipment. The intermissive course objectifies consciential completism existential completism of the upcoming intraphysical life. The newly created synapses are capable of allowing the adjustment of the existential program, execution of existential recycling, existential inversion, the acquisition of new ideas, neothosenes, hyperthosenes and other neophilic conquests of the self-motivated human consciousness.

The ideal condition predisposing one to have a positive existential moratorium.

Instituto Internacional de Projeciologia e Conscienciologia – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

This process generates either intraphysical or extraphysical melancholy consciencjologia often results in parapsychic accidents. Maxifraternity is an inevitable goal in the evolution of all consciousnesses.


Archaic expression now in disuse: The accumulation of morphothosenes composes the holothosene. Such a condition is characteristic to our evolutionary level.

The opposite of neophobia.

Synonymous expression outworn through use: This can occur between different vehicles of one consciousness or between similar vehicles of two or more consciousnesses. These repercussions can be intraphysical and extraphysical.

It is a plastic, and fluid non-physical environment, apparently omnipresent. A domiciliary projectiogenic holothosene. It is directly related to: The lab is constructed elevated above the ground, enveloped by the tree branches. Except for minimal and unavoidable presence of metal e.

There are two plantochakras in the holosoma of the intraphysical consciousness. This is an expression pertaining to conscientiology. This term has no plural form.

The physical base that is technically prepared for the production of projections of the consciousness. It is not an ideal consciential projection; lucid dream. An ancient expression related to the consciential energy of this chakra: This condition is often accompanied by the decoding of a set of the thosenes of one or more consciousness. In the specific case of the intraphysical consciousness, the fundamental thosener is the soma.

T otal, permanent intrusionless consciousness. The intraphysical consciousness who is permanently and totally free of intrusion, and is completely self-aware of being in this condition as well as of all aspects that derive from it. Most used expressions to refer to this condition: Vehicle of manifestation of the consciousness. This generates the intensification of paraperceptions and energetic and parapsychic phenomena.

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