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Title, Endodoncia: principios y práctica. Authors, Richard E. Walton, Mahmoud Torabinejad. Edition, 2. Publisher, Interamericana-McGraw Hill, principios y práctica, 4a ed. Endodoncia, principios y práctica, 4a ed. Endodoncia, principios y práctica, 4a ed. By Mahmoud Torabinejad, Richard E. Walton. Endodoncia: principios y práctica by Richard E Walton. Endodoncia: principios y práctica. by Richard E Walton; Mahmoud Torabinejad. Print book: Document.

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Walton torabinejad

Treatment plan consisted in coronary or orthographic removal of the guttapercha present in the furcation after that, canals were retreated, the perforation was sealed with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate MTA. The endodontic misadventures classification proposed by Ingle describes instrument related accidents.

After three months, a wwalton X-ray is taken. Clinically, we can observe the restored tooth with a full crown free of metal, healthy gums, and when probing the middlevestibular third, we find 4 mm. When probing, a 9 mm periodontal pocket is detected in the vestibular middle third. The four circumstances to consider when treating endodontic accidents mishaps are: An X ray is taken of the cone excess. An In vivo evaluation of endex apex locator.

Dent Clin North Am ; She informs of root treatments carried out 3 months ago, she complains of nocturnal, spontaneous and localized pain when chewing. If organic residues remain in the canal the most frequent underobtuation causes are the creation of too short a stop, the lack of exact fit of the master cone, and lack of penetration of the filling material up to the predetermined work length.


In drilling procedures, time is of the essence. Effect of prefaring on Root ZX apex locators. Different studies report on cement deposition on MTA.

Torabinejad – Endodoncia. Principios y práctica + DVD-ROM

Part of these are perforations in the cervical section of the canal, and misadventures related to obturation, among which we find overextended or underextended obturation of root canals. After 12 months, radiographically, the repair of the defect is almost complete. Presumptive and definitive pulpal diagnosis indicate pulpal necrosis and periapical presumptive and definitive diagnosis correspond to symptomatic chronic apical periodontitis Figure 2.

In vivo evaluation J Endo-don ; West J, Roane J. Analy-sis of the forces developed during obturation: The master apical file for mesial canals is Anic I, Matsumoto K. Among the causes leading to this type of perforation are the lack of dental and pulpar anatomy, and, of utmost importance for endodontists, lack of radiographic information.

Bagatelle Walton

The size of the defect also plays an important role since large perforations do not respond as well as the smaller ones. Retraction was undertaken and final irrigation was carried out with endodpncia. Fussop cit. There are to be used only when the case warrants it and the canals are sufficiently wide. Problem solving in endodontics. To have tridimensional, positional criterion and perfect visibility.


Endodoncia, principios y práctica, 4a ed. – Mahmoud Torabinejad, Richard E. Walton – Google Books

Pathological causes like root resorption and caries can lead to a perforation. An electronic apex locator J Endod ; Endod Topics ; Use of an electronic apex locator on a cardiac pacemaker patient. Negative response was obtained to hot and cold pulpal sensitivity tests Figure 1.

Localizadores apicales en endodoncia. In narrow canals be careful with the passage of instruments from 25 to 30, which could foster a perforation.

An in vivo evaluation of root ZX electronic apex locator. Lasalaop cit. The best moment to repair root perforations is immediately upon occurrence, so as to reduce as much as possible infection at the perforation site.

Waltonop cit.

Kaufmann considers it a reliable instrument and essential factor for treatment success. It is not always possible to properly handle the perforation because of the operator’s lack of experience, or lack of proper equipment for its treatment.

Radiovisiography versus conven-tional radiography for detection of small instruments in endodontic length deter-mination.