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Everspring SM Door and Window Sensor – EU: : Electronics. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Everspring SM Door and Window Sensor (Silver) – EU at Amazon UK. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop EVERSPRING SM Window Sensor, Z-Wave.

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But, when opening the door, nothing happen and there is no report in the log file.

And he’s drunk all of the time. I always try to fverspring 3times tamper switch: Whether the Yagi plus feeder works is probably worth a bit of trial and error, but at mhz the losses may exceed the gains.


Dverspring hame the same problem and Your advice not working. Register a new account. The only action that wakes up HG is the tampering switch. Then you can use these condition expressions to trigger any arbitrary scene.

Does anyone have any ideas how i can use the re-confirmation that the device is tripped as a trigger? Facing the same issue Please login or register to see this image. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. RichardTSchaefer on January 03, The latter lets you create your own condition names and associate condition expressions for these. Posted September 7, RichardTSchaefer on January 05, Smart Home, made easy. Did you miss your activation email?


August 22nd, AEON light is slow blinking.

Also if you beef up the antenna on one side the device can VERA’s side even send signals that far back? S-F Hero Member Posts: It’s just provides a greater antenna area and thus makes the antenna more sensitive to signals. The scene trigger for PLEG would be: January 29, Check that the tamper switch is pushed. So in essence it shouldn’t matter what an icon looks like as long as the house does things for us which would normally take personal effort. Hopefully the remote control when wanted won’t reflect these discrepancies.

Everspring – Z-wave Door/window Detector Sm | eBay

Obviously the venerable RTS has the meat of this well under control. After updating to eveerspring then r, the processing is: Posted May 15, Poradniki na Forum Read more The supported controls are not the same as those of SM, which can explain the wrong processing. All the zwave modules from Eminent are also from Everspring. I had the same problem.

Z-Wave communication is 2 way. You need to only use products that are pepper1 compliant with HG. When used as a door bell, as the device is always tripped, even a long or short press of the bell does not seem to allow it to change to an un tripped state green man. Posted September 3, eversprlng Not the battery level and not the ligne with the state of the device.


Everspring Door/window detector HSM02 (seen as SM) – HomeGenie Forum

So impossible to use it. I’m assuming both this antenna and the wire moving the antenna will require more power to be effective. So I tried this Antenna; http: Eversprng gain is gain both ways: Thanks in advance, merry Christmas and happy new year.

Indeed, we must make the inclusion of the Everspring SM from its final location.

Everspring – Z-wave Door/window Detector Sm103

Please login or register. Search forum for discussions about custom icons. One thing I can tell you about is the speed. Check out our Community updated “known to work” device list.

S-F Hero Member Posts: Posted September 8, Home Help Search Login Register. January 10, I am using the Ecolink one myself, because it was the cheapest one that offered a hardwire terminal link option.