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interrogation procedures are in FM ) A programmer/battery charger, code input computer, shipping and storage containers, and code. STINGER TEAM OPERATIONS | Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers hand- picked children’s books every 1, 2, or 3 months — at 40% off List Price.

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By practicing the crew drills, the team can improve its skill, proficiency, and experience in performing fn critical tasks with the system. The frequency that these drills are performed is left to the discretion of the training manager and trainer. Initially, team members should read their procedures carefully to understand their individual actions and how they relate to those of the other team member.

Next, team members should walk through the procedures with a trained and experienced team member. During the walk 44-18-11, team members rehearse the crew drill, pointing out the equipment they will use and the actions they will perform. These preliminary steps serve to resolve any doubt or questions that may exist in their minds prior to 441-8-1 handling the equipment and to reinforce the safety precautions applicable to the system.

Stinger technical manuals list all safety requirements in the form of notes, cautions, and warnings and they must be understood and followed. They must adhere to these safety requirements and not risk personal injury or equipment damage for the sake of speed. Once the team members are confident with their equipment and procedures, the crew drills can be run.

The crew drills should be taught in sequence, beginning with basic load rearrangement and ending with preparation for engagement from foxhole position.

FM Stinger Team Operations – References

Once the sequence is mastered, training can be conducted on any drill with which the team is weak until the desired level of proficiency is reached. They must be performed without 44-118-1 and to the degree that the actions are performed automatically and without hesitation by rote. Additional guidelines for conducting the crew drills include the following:.


Perform them IAW performance measures as stated in the tasks, conditions, vm standards listed for each drill. The load rearrangement drill will be performed with weapon-round and missile-round containers after missile expenditures.

The purpose of this drill is to train team members in the proper method of loading and unloading weapon-round and missile-round containers using the M trailer. Both team members are required to perform f drill because of the weight of the containers and to prevent dropping the containers.

Full weapon-round and missile-round containers should always be on top for immediate use.

This drill will be performed under non-MOPP and MOPP 4 conditions and during the hours of daylight and darkness, under any weather condition in which enemy aircraft may be launched against assets being protected.

Rearrange the weapons-round and missile-round container in the M trailer after missile expenditure. Given the Stinger basic load properly loaded and secured on the M cargo trailer, a MANPAD team with their individual combat equipment positioned five paces from the trailer, with 44–18-1 on their shoulders, the gunners have fired.

This drill emphasizes the expeditious teamwork necessary to prepare a team for immediate engagement from a mounted position. The team vehicle M will be moving at not more than 15 miles per hour and a radio transmission alerting the team will be received initiating the drill. After a safe stop, the team dismounts and proceeds to assigned positions on sides of trailer and, working together, readies the Stinger for engaging and firing at detected and identified threat aircraft.


This drill must be performed under a non-MOPP and MOPP 4 condition during the hours of daylight and darkness and under all weather conditions in which threat aircraft may be launched against assets being protected. Given a MANPAD team seated in an M truck, traveling at a speed not more than 15 miles per hour, weapons in the ready-rack configuration.

Team has just received an aircraft alert warning. The gunner and team chief are each carrying a Stinger weapon.

Stinger Team Operations (FM 44-18-1)

The team chief carries a radio through which an alert may be received or an alert may be given by hand and arm signal or by verbal signal.

Once weapons are unslung, safety procedures are adhered to and weapons readied for engagement as expeditiously as possible. Drill will be performed in a non-MOPP and MOPP 4 environment, during the hours of daylight and darkness, and under all fk conditions in which threat aircraft may be launched against mf being protected.

Team has been alerted to an aircraft attack. Team members will be in foxholes and weapons will be set on the ground close by in ready-to-fire condition.

FM Stinger Team Operations – Appendix D

Once initiating alert has been received by team members, they immediately climb out of foxholes and prepare their weapons to engage threat aircraft. This drill will be performed in a non-MOPP and MOPP 4 environment, during the hours of daylight and darkness, and under all weather conditions in which threat aircraft may be launched against assets being protected.

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