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The Federation of Click above to download FOGSI FOCUS – THE Healthy Generation X. The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India > FOGSI Publication Click above to download FOGSI FOCUS Women Health Wellness &. The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India > FOGSI Publication > FOGSI Focus > FOGSI Focus Ovulation Induction &.

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Ski, Knowedge and Enhancement has been our main focus, with great feowship. Reena Wani and Dr.

A joint venture having a scientiic discussion with neonatoogists as partners; which they aways are! This Perinatoogy Workshop is being repicated in other societies as we. The focus of these meets and this Fogsi Focus is to deiver a heathy baby.

My theme for the Presidentia year incuded Pregnancy in High Risk Mothers, hence, I am especiay deighted by the coverage of materna and neonata heath in this issue with inputs from experts in the ied. Ffogsi ot of issues reated to perinata care receive negigibe importance by Gynaecoogists and Obstetricians pus Famiy Practitioners.

A few committed workers ike Dr. Saurabh Dani, and others in FOGSI have reay worked hard to put their concern and thoughts, backed by atest scientiic evidence in a we formed book which wi be usefu for a FOGSI members in their cinica practice.

Feta origin of adut disease is a reaity- if the fetus is exposed to harsh or unfavorabe conditions inutero ike pacenta insuficiency, IUGR, not ony can it have immediate compications but coud be the cause of disorders in adut ife. Today, every expectant coupe comes togsi an Obstetrician with the utimate aim of having a heathy neonate. Born heathy and one which grows up to be a heathy individua. We monitor the pregnancy so as to keep the mother and the baby safe from disorders, which can jeopardize the heath of either of them.

The way we manage screen and treat disorders of pregnancy and deivery, has an impact on the future ife of the neonate. Cardiovascuar disorders and diabetes can have their origins inutero, and we as Obstetricians are the ones who, fogsii treating a pregnancy we, can hep in reducing these probems in the next generation.

Our job goes beyond giving the coupe a ive neonate. We need to focus on giving a heathy neonate Dr. This is primariy a cause for concern for a Obstetricians as we need to dea with 2 patients mother and fetus.


We may be having the hep of Neonatoogists, Physicians and other speciaists but as Obstetricians we are inay responsibe for the pregnant patients. Hence, our approach shoud be systematic and evidence based to have a heathy mother and newborn at the end of the ong journey of 9 months.

We need to work hand in hand so that in case of adverse outcome which is sometimes not avoidabe we are not paying a bame-game but sharing responsibiity. The evauation and management of perinata issues in pregnancy is sometimes compicated by the dificuty in interpreting symptoms, concerns about performing certain tests and about the compications of therapy in both the mother and the fetus.

Decision making is the most important activity in patient care.

List of FOGSI Focus The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India

We have Nationa experts covering various aspects of perinatoogy in this handbook with specia focus on achieving heathy mothers and newborns. This shoud hep us in decision making for perinata heath. We need to know not ony the preventive aspects but aso the ong-term issues due a particuar disorder to counse, treat and manage a case. We are having consensus meetings and drawing up pans with inputs from experts in the ied to have nationa guideines, FOGSI Recommendations and hope for Government invovement in the form foggsi White papers proposed for thyroid disorders, inuenza in pregnancy and retinopathy of prematurity.


Obstetric decisions during perinata period are chaenging considering the fact that they can affect the mother, fetus, the pregnancy outcome as we as the ong-term heath of the mother and chid. Eary medica advice, up-to-date and timey treatment of various probems can prevent morbidity and mortaity in pregnancy and neonata period.

Robert Frost has said: There is much to be done by us my friends and each one of us can make a difference in perinata focjs Uday Thanawaa Co-Editor Dr.

Reena Wani Antenata care for heathy neonates Eat right importance of correcting nutritiona deiciencies iron and vitamin D Dr. Vidya Thobbi Effect of endocrine disorders on the neonate Dr. Javee 32 Prediction and prevention of preterm birth Dr. Khushbu Prajapati Screening for detection of feta aneupoidies Dr. Ambika Sood 50 Breastfeeding importance and impementation Dr. Rachna Bhagat 58 Mutisensory stimuation for heathy happy baby deveopment Dr. Ruchi Nanavati 69 Neonata jaundice and hyperbiirubinemia Dr.

Mina Wade 73 Neonata screening importance and impementation Dr. Nutrition in pregnancy refers to the nutrient intake, foxus dietary panning that is undertaken before, during and after pregnancy. Nutrition of the fetus begins at conception. For this reason, the nutrition of the mother is important from before conception probaby severa months before as we as throughout fogzi and breastfeeding. An ever-increasing number of studies have shown that the nutrition of the mother wi have an effect on the chid, upto and incuding the risk for cancer, cardiovascuar disease, hypertension and diabetes throughout ife.

An inadequate or excessive amount of some nutrients may cause maformations or medica probems in the fetus, and neuroogica disorders. Persona habits such as smoking, acoho, caffeine, using certain 6 Eat right importance of correcting nutritiona deiciencies iron and vitamin D medications and street drugs can negativey and irreversiby affect the deveopment of the baby, which happens in the eary stages of pregnancy.

They are not aways from ow socio economic status. It is aso prevaent in midde and high socio-economic status due to poor knowedge about nutrition.

Lack of information regarding the baanced diet. Stereotype menu same quaity of food day after day. Eating wrong type of food, what is known as junk food, aerated cod drinks, white our preparations, sweet and sugar coated food items. Such kind of food is habit forming and wi eventuay ki foucs appetite. In eary months of pregnancy women deveop anemia due to vomiting which causes oss of nutritiona products.

Fruits servings Vegetabes servings There shoud be a baanced diet. Variety of food is the key to get a the ingredients.


Chronic deiciency of hemogobin eads to poor vitaity and fatigue2,3. Essentia ingredients required in preventing anemia are: Iron Fig Foic acid Eat we pate 3. Vitamin B12 Use the eat we pate to hep you get the baance right. It shows how much of what you eat shoud come from each food group. Fruit and vegetabes Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta 4. Trace eements zinc, chromium, seenium The modern diet is deicient in foic acid because it is destroyed in cooking. Therefore, fresh green raw vegetabes wi be desirabe e.


In addition foic acid suppementation is aso necessary. Vitamin B12 is found in nonvegetarian diet. Lot of peope in India are vegetarians, hence require suppementation.

Vitamin C promotes iron absorption. Citrus fruits and ama are good sources.

Unpeeed potatoes are good sources. Meat, ish, eggs, beans and other cocus sources of protein Food and drinks high in fat and sugar Mik and dairy foods This cause of materna mortaity and morbidity can be easiy prevented by proper nutrition and suppementation.

A norma weight fu term baby born to a heathy mother manages enough iron from its stores and breast focks. This stored iron is exhausted in 6 months. Infants and chidren who don t obtain adequate iron wi suffer cognitive impairment that wi affect the abiity to earn and perform income earning tasks ater in ife. Anemic chidren are apathetic and anorexic, don t have energy to pay and have troube earning4.

Fauty absorption intestina infestation, intestina hurry and hypochorhydria Iron oss sweat focua 0. Daiy requirement is more in pregnancy because5,6: Fauty diet rich in carbohydrates, increased phosphates and phytates make iron insoube absorption antacids, H2 bockers and proton pump inhibitors Disturbed metaboism Prepregnancy heath status starts pregnancy with anemia Excessive demand mutipe pregnancy Recurrent pregnancy 10 Eat right importance of correcting nutritiona deiciencies iron and vitamin D Tabe 4 – Food factors inuencing absorption Enhancers Inhibitors Ascorbic acid Oxaate in vegetabes Organic acids citrus Tannin in tea Sprouted and fermented food Phosphates in egg yok Meats and ishes Proteins.

In infancy and chidhood 4. Providing safe bood transfusion for woman with severe anemia. Deayed cord camping in newborns by at cogsi 1 min has shown to increase iron stores. In postpartum period 2. Excusive breastfeeding for at east 6 months of age. Incucating good eating habits from tender age.

Heath education to create and enhance anemia awareness amongst women, chidren and heath workers. Hookworm prevention Abendazoe mg stat and Maaria choroquine mg 2 tabets weeky from 2nd trimester in endemic areas. Providing at east mg of iron for days during pregnancy and continuing 3 months postpartum8. Periodic iron and foic acid suppementation for puberta, adoescent girs and women of a chid bearing age. Making deiveries safe by reducing bood oss.

Active management of third stage of abor. Deworming for schoo chidren. Routine de-worming in second and third trimester or postpartum period. Minimizes postpartum bood oss. Lactationa amenorrhea which saves on menstrua oss. For those taking ora contraceptives, taking iron in bank weeks shoud be emphasized. Injectabe progesterone contraceptives ike DMPA shoud be promoted, for added beneit of amenorrhea which reduces anemia.

Counseing regarding diet high in iron and correct a other dietary deiciencies. Re-evauate if anemia persists. Deveopment of gastric reease system that improves iron absorption by proonging the period of iron prescription to the gut and reduce side effects.

A singe 50mg tabet is as effective as two of ferrous suphate tabets that provide 60mg of iron each The new deveopmenta schemes which provide reativey higher dose of iron on a weeky basis.