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Introduction Reactive power control relay RM is capable of measuring the .. instruments Cost allocation Energy management systems FRAKO RM With 6 control contacts. RM With 12 control contacts . FRAKO /08/03/ Subject to technical alteration. FRAKO capacitors allow power factor correction installations to be constructed for any .. Control Relays. Type EMR / EMR S / RM / RM

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Effective system planning, the right choice of electronicinstrumentation and equipment followed by carefulmaintenance: With the intensified networking of various environmentsand systems suppliers — nowadays formulated This flexibility makes it possible to selectthe Universal interfacesenable data from other systems or controllers Safer, Stronger AC Power CapacitorsAchieve reliability and long life expectancy for your capacitor systemWith over 85 years of experience producing capacitors, plus decades of leadership in the Europeanmarket for power factor systems, FRAKO knows what Safer, Stronger AC Power CapacitorsAchieve reliability and long life expectancy for your capacitor systemPower systems today demand a stronger capacitor than in the past.


Most electrical power systems haveharmonic voltage and current distortion, which VoltedcontrollModern medical equipment, the latest LED technologyand present-day motor control systems make the mostexacting demands on power supply quality. The currentharmonics are determined and digitally processed. A powerelectronic inverter generates a compensating current With their robust constructionand patented technology, they offer FRAKO power capacitors can be installed in a widevariety of electrical systems.

In addition to their key role in power factor correction systems, powercapacitors are also used in filters combinations of capacitance andinductance. A distinction is made It can be relied Optimum performance assuredWell under control — on every duty: This reactive power control relay automatically ensuresmore active power in your network.

Its software features fiveprogrammable characteristic control curves that producethe optimum World-class safety and reliabilityThe innovative design and patentedtechnology of FRAKO power capacitorsensure a maximum degree of safety andreliability in ongoing operation.

Safety and reliability are firstpriority worldwideFRAKO is an internationally active companywith the special strengths typical of anuncomplicated medium-sized enterprise: The technical advantages offered by ourPower Capacitors are very easy todemonstrate: Our accumulatedexperience and our expertise in development and manufacture Poor power quality in the supply network can result in upsets The Online Industrial Exhibition. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Safeguard your Energy” P. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Product Catalogue ” P.


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