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: Good Reasoning Matters!: A Constructive Approach to Critical Thinking (): Leo Groarke, Christopher Tindale: Books. Designed to help students develop the quality of their thinking and to respond effectively to often confusing and contradictory messages, Good Reasoning. In a famous skit in Monty Python’s Flying Circus, a man enters a room and asks: ‘ Is this the right room for an argument?” Almost everyone has heard the.

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Designed to help students develop the quality of their thinking and to respond effectively to often confusing and contradictory messages, Good Reasoning Matters!

In addition to examining the most common features of faulty reasoning, the text introduces a variety of argument schemes and rhetorical techniques that will help students solve problems and construct sound arguments. Extensive exercises and examples taken matterw such sources as social media sites, newspapers, and topical news articles encourage students to consider a wide range of views and perspectives. The fifth edition features a glossary, chapter summaries, extensive revised exercises, and a revamped Companion Website.


Why Make Room for an Argument? Arguers and Systems of Belief 4. Opponents and Proponents 6. Detecting Illegitimate Biases 3. Burden of Proof 2. Deductive and Inductive Validity 4. Schemes and Counter-Schemes 6. Simple and Extended Arguments 2. Distinguishing Arguments and Non-Arguments 3. Arguments without Indicator Words 4. Arguments and Explanations 5. Diagramming Extended Arguments 3. Linked and Convergent Premises 4. Diagramming Your Own Arguments 6.

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Speech Acts and the Principles of Communication 2. Non-Verbal Elements in Argument: Flags and Demonstrations 5. Symbols and Metaphors 6. A Note on Argument Construction 7.

Using Words Precisely 2. Vagueness and Ambiguity 3. Rules for Good Definitions 5. Expressing Your Intended Meaning 6. Acceptable, Unacceptable, or Questionable?

Conditions of Acceptability 3. Conditions of Unacceptability 4.

Good Reasoning Matters! – Leo Groarke; Christopher Tindale – Oxford University Press

Applying the Criteria 7. General Causal Reasoning 4. Particular Causal Reasoning groakre. Arguments From Groarie 3. Arguments from Analogy 3. Appeals to Precedent 4. Ad Populum Arguments 3. Arguments from Authority 4. Arguments Against Authority 6. Appeal reasonkng Eyewitness Testimony 7. Guilt and Honour by Association 8. The Good Evaluative Critique 2. The Good Argumentative Essay 3. A Student’s Paper 4. Venn Diagrams Appendix B. Simple and Complex Propositions 2.


Disjunctions and Conditionals 3. Propositional Schemes and Proofs Appendix C. Reductio ad Absurdum 3. De Morgan’s Laws 5. Rules of Inference Glossary Credits Index. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing groarkf.

Academic Skip to main content. Choose your country or region Close. Overview Description Table of Contents. Previous publication dates DecemberAprilMarch Practically Speaking Dan Rothwell.

Verderber and Erina L. Rapture Culture Amy Johnson Frykholm. In Mixed Company Tenth edition J. Unanticipated Gains Mario Luis Small. The Passport in America Craig Robertson. The Invisible Weapon Daniel R.