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Lyndall Fownes Urwick and Luther Halsey Gulick. A discipline is known by its theory and thought that is based on a tradition. A large number of scholars have. This article describes the concept of POSDCORB, developed by Luther Gulick and Lyndall Urwick in a practical way. After reading you will understand the. Gulick and Urwick Organizational Theory: free Management sample to help you write excellent academic papers for high school, college, and university.

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After reading you will understand the definition and basics of this powerful management tool. Ghlick should be noted that, inprevailing thinking still dictated urwic separation between politics and policy. Gulick and Urwick realised that governments were gaining an increased role in the public sphere at this time. The concept lists all the tasks that managers have to deal with on a daily basis. In their opinion, one is advised not to lose sight of the following:.

This entails the number of employees a manager actually manages. If the manager also has employees who are unable to work independently, then it becomes quite the job to manage all employees in the right way. Which is why Gulick and Urwick stated that the most effective way is to assign 3 to 6 employees to each manager. This allows an organisation to function smoothly. The concept is simple: In all hierarchical levels of guilck organisation, this concept should serve as the yardstick.

Directions from multiple managers can lead to confusion among staff. As soon as uwick is an advisory staff department, with specialist knowledge, it should become clear to employees how the role of these staff managers is arranged.

Below all tasks are briefly explained as Gulick and Urwick interpreted them:. It is the task of managers not only to decide what to do, but also to plan this in the agenda.


Planning has to do with foresight. This includes short-term planning weekly, monthly and quarterlymedium-term planning annual and long-term planning looking ahead with a timeline gulixk 3 years. Gulock determines the direction of the organisation. On the other hand, a predetermined timespan means that when time runs out, whatever result one has at the time must suffice. The development of this timeline must be closely monitored. Managers not only have the task of assigning activities, but also have the task of allocating these tasks to their respective departments and employees.

To achieve an end result, the manager needs the necessary resources, including budget, raw materials, personnel and their expertise, guulick and machines.


This section relates to the personnel policy and guluck related activities within an organisation. Good and competent personnel is crucial for an organisation to function optimally. It is the task of the manager to first identify the expertise, skills and experiences required for certain positions.

Based on this, job profiles are drawn up and personnel can be recruited. The entire recruitment, selection and training procedure falls under this staff policy and ensures that the right type of employee is in the right place.

In practice, this means that the manager maintains control over all functions. In addition, the manager monitors but also motivates his employees. With this concept, it is the task of the manager to connect different sections and to achieve cooperation. Without reporting, there is no evidence.

A clear report keeps communication open throughout the entire organisation. Managers are the linking pin between the management team and their own employees, who form the constituency. Gulicm provides insight into the progress and agreements can also be recorded in this way. Other essential information—such as problems with employees, new processes, performances interviews and sales figures—is also made transparent through reporting.

Involved parties can also quickly find archived reports. Finance is the lifeblood of any organisation. In addition to employee wages, it is the task of the manager to also properly monitor other expenditures such as materials and investments.

  IEC 60051-2 PDF

If wasteful spending, overruns, errors or even fraud are discovered, the gilick is responsible for taking action. According to Gulik and Urwick, the design of an organisation is very important.

POSDCORB – Wikipedia

A poorly-organised structure leads to dysfunctional departments and, by extension, organisation. This is why different activities must be grouped together in the right way, so that departments can be created, each with their own specialisms. If tasks overlap, this is indicative of an illogical, wasteful and inefficient design. There must also be clarity about responsibilities and hierarchical layers.

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