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List of Perks GURPS Psionic Powers Anti-Psi Perks 24, Astral Projection Perks 29, Ergokinesis Perks 35, ESP Perks 42, Probability Alteration Perks 44, Psychic . ESP Perks. F. Ferocious Beard · Fiery Resolve · First Strike. G. GURPS Power- Ups 2: Perks. L. Long Thumbs. M. Magical abilities can coexist with anti-magical . GURPS Power-Ups 2: Perks – Penny Candy for Your Character! Everybody loves little bonuses for next to nothing. In GURPS, that means Perks.

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Remember, perks have absolutely no combat benefits, even remotely close to them 1 Always gets his money Money and grups you have will never get stuck in any kind of machine. Likewise, an SOP that gkrps “You keep your vehicle fully repaired” will accomplish little in a wasteland without critical tools and parts. Not exciting, but I’d pay a point for that! If you are caught hostage and escape only wearing your underwear you can step into another room or when they find you, you somehow have a change of clothes.

But first, please put up with some opining on the proper use of this perk:. List Of your favorite Custom Perks 7 Can gur;s in high heels at full speed without penalty or accident.

Warehouse 23 – GURPS Power-Ups 2: Perks

Unless the GM is really generous, the PC with an SOP that says “You care for all of the party’s animals at the end of the day” won’t be able grups claim a lot of free hours for studying magic by the campfire. The time now is Enjoying your Games Diner meal? Re “Always Check Your Messages”: List Of your favorite Custom Perks Quote: Still seems pretty beneficial combat wise since you ugrps a more powerful weapon.


Page 1 of Find More Posts by Phantasm. There seems to be quite some interest in Perks.

Does that describe you? This SOPs below involve focusing your attention on targets of interest. This is more for comedy relief especially when other people get their money stuck in a vending machine. As Good As Done: The fellow always pressing tavern patrons for rumor details may not see the bartender whisper to a hooded stranger. All times are GMT Many threads discuss a few perks here and there for their specific character. I mostly want this to be just a list of Perks people have used.

A Perk for all the would-be Linda Carter types out there. As Perks suggests, money, tools, or other items may be required for an SOP. I guess Gurps Power Ups: Comment viewing options Flat list – collapsed Flat list – expanded Threaded list – collapsed Threaded list – expanded. An SOP is a minor advantage that often gets some useful task done. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.

Oh, and this one, even though it’s about shticks. And the secret-door seeker tapping on the walls clearly isn’t paying attention to what’s crawling out of the well in the center of the room The SOP is a guarantee that the task gets accomplished — but it’s not a guaranteed guarantee.

Actually, I was considering something along those lines, but broader — probably because any version of it seems a bit dull for PCs. Not only that but as long as nobody is looking you seem to magically change into them in a matter of seconds maybe 1 or 2.


GURPS Power-Ups 2: Perks

Success may be a given if the task is easy enough or the PC is capable enough that no roll should be needed. If the party spends only enough time in a chamber to trade a few blows perkd its monster and then flee back down the hall, clearly there was no time for investigating hidden door latches.

The important fine print: Perks introduced a new perk that I loved immediately: This site hosted by DreamHost. Find More Posts by zorg. List Of your favorite Custom Perks Many threads discuss a few perks here and there for their specific character. Find More Pefks by GnomesofZurich. I want to get a list going of Perks characters have used and GM’s allowed in thier games.

Gurps Power-ups 2. perks

If you wanted a Jason Bourne-style suite of fake passports for a range of nationalities, that would be a more significant advantage though. I had something in mind like this: But the focus should mean less attention paid elsewhere, suggesting penalties on other uses of Per.

Theme provided by Acquia, Inc. I dont mind some debate. Then I think I got tired of writing. But don’t overlook the benefits of keeping your SOPs short and simple! Find More Posts by naloth. Whether you knew you had it or not.