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Situated in the the thick of Victoria’s semi-arid Mallee country, Hattah-Kulkyne National Park features classic Outback scenery interrupted by a. You’ll find the Hattah Kulkyne National Park south of Mildura and east of Ouyen in the Mallee, Victoria. Hattah-Kulkyne National Park is very compact, yet encloses some of the most beautiful river frontage scenery anywhere on the great Murray River. There are two.

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Hattah-Kulkyne National Park lies in typical mallee country with natiohal low scrub and open native pine woodland. Superbly adapted birds, animals and vegetation thrive in the poor, sandy soils and searing summers. The freshwater Hattah Lakes are seasonally filled by creeks connected to the Murray, providing food and shelter for waterbirds and fish. These lakes can remain full for up to ten years without flooding, but flooding generally occurs once every two years. Hattah-Kulkyne is special because of the flow of water from the nearby Murray Hahtah that fills the freshwater lakes seasonally through creeks connected to the Murray.

This water provides food and shelter for waterbirds and native fish. These lakes can remain full for up to 10 years without flooding, but flooding generally occurs, on average, every two years. The area supports a variety of native plants, two species of kangaroos, and the endangered mound-building Malleefowl.

The area contains nafional of the living culture of Aboriginal people. These include scars on trees where shields and canoes were made, and middens heaps of shells discarded after meals eaten over many generations.


The lakes are httah Ramsar site and are protected under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. The lakes are important breeding areas for local and visiting water birds, while the area is home to over species of birds, including the Regent Parrot, Great Egret and Malleefowl. Camping, walking, bike riding and canoeing are popular here and in the adjoining Murray-Kulkyne National Park.

One of the gems you will discover on nature walks. With a combined par, of almost 50, hectares, there is hahtah plenty to see and do. Noted for its range of protected flora and fauna, you can mingle amongst the wildlife for an extraordinary experience.

More than species of birds can he seen in the parks including Mallee fowl, Apostle Birds and White-Winged Choughs. With a wide array of animals living around the lakes, you may even discover huge goannas sunning themselves on hot days! The wide variety of plants and wildlife provide interest for nature lovers and intriguing subjects for photographers. Be on the lookout for evidence of the area’s former Aboriginal inhabitants, including canoe and shield trees.

For a relaxing view of the area’s natural beauty, there are unlimited opportunities for hiking in the park, or experience the paek Hattah Nature Drive near Lake Hattah.

Parks Victoria – Hattah – Kulkyne National Park

A peaceful walk in the park; a leisurely fish for Yellowbelly par, Redfin in the Murray; canoeing, kayaking and swimming are all essential when visiting Hattah – Kulkyne and Murray – Kulkyne Parks. Start baiting your hatath at dawn.


From the graceful River Red Gums hugging the lake, river nwtional creek beds, to the native Cypress-Pine, Buloke and Mallee in arid areas, the shade of trees is never far away. Enjoy this land of difference, exploring the Murray River bends such as Jinkers, Fireman’s and Tarpaulin Bend, or walk across the dry lakes.

Maybe a hiking adventure is more your style, perhaps encountering a kangaroo along the way. Red and Western Grey Kangaroos are abundant in the park, wildflowers abound in spring and at night you may hear a Mopoke call. The contrast of the lake system, low mallee scrub and native pine woodlands is a sight you will never forget!

The parks encompass hattay 50, ha of magnificent mallee, floodplain and dune country. Best nearby visitor contact: MilduraEustonRobinvale. Murray River National Parks Care. Thanks for using Discover Murray River.

Hattah Kulkyne National Park in the Mallee, Victoria

Hattah-Kulkyne National Park Victoria. Tell your friends you found this at murrayriver. Copyright Discover Murray The Murray River’s largest prak community and information guide.