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T10FS en. HBM. Safety instructions. Use in accordance with the regulations. Torque flanges T10FS are used exclusively for torque and rotation speed. The T10FS torque flange adds to the outstanding market reputation of the T10F torque flange, extending the range covered to greater accuracy, higher speeds. surement, additional reference pulse. Torque Flange. T10FS. T10FS. Rotor. Stator D T10FS en. HBM. 2. SUNSTAR传感与控制 -ic. com/.

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Important In the case of HBM system solutions, the measuring amplifier triggers the calibration signal. Due to the T10F torque flanges’ high torsional stiffness, dynamic changes on t10fx shaft train are minimized. They are not to be understood as a guarantee of quality or Qualified personnel means persons entrusted with siting, t1fs, starting up and operating the product who possess the appropriate qualifications for their function.

In the case of the speed measuring system option, the speed sensor is mounted on the stator, the customer attaches the associated slotted disc on the rotor. T10F – Mounting instructions Japanese.

The notes in this chapter relate to the standalone operation of the T10F without HBM system solutions. Install antenna segment around shaft train Support supplied by customer Clamp fixture 5. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Use a piece of cloth or paper soaked in solvent. HBM torque measurement technology – Brochure.

Test beds can be extremely compact because of their extremely short construction. Page 40 The stator should be fully grounded in the same way.


T10F: Tried and Tested Torque Flange for Many Applications | HBM

Shielding Design without the rotor in a Faraday cage. Loading Capacity The torque flanges can be used to measure static and dynamic torques.

Calibration Option 2, Code Kf1 Current consumption at nominal rated voltage is approx. All product descriptions are for general information only. Install shaft train 3. They therefore offer a very wide range of applications. You can use the zero point hnm to correct zero point t10vs caused by T10F A Any electromagnetic interference active here does not affect the measurement T10F A Please refer to chapter 7.

For when the calibration signal is unintentionally initiated with very short cables Normal position factory setting For cable lengths in excess of approx.

HBM T10F Mounting Instructions

Mechanical installation direction of rotation. Markings Used This marking draws your attention to information about the product or about handling the product. High accuracy and linearity with small hysteresis of up to 0. Calibration Calibration The T10F torque flange delivers an electrical calibration signal that can be switched at the amplifier end for measurement chains with HBM components. Don’t show me this message again. Settings Direction of rotation arrow Fig.

The same applies to the use of accessories. Page of 84 Go. Structure And Mode Of Operation In the case of the speed measuring system option, the speed sensor is mounted on the stator, the customer attaches the associated slotted disc on the rotor. Remove one antenna segment 4. Carefully clean the optical system of the sensor with a dry cotton bud or one soaked with pure spirit.

Torque Transducers suit transmission test stands.

T10F – Data Sheet. Mount the clamp fixture where required T10F A Cable sockets for speed and torque outputs Raw cables Wide range of couplings Further information can be found in the data sheet.


No signal at the output, amplifier indicates overflow. T10F – Mounting instructions. Page 35 A t10ds machined angle or a colored mark in the center of the adapter flange and a vertical marker line on the sensor head serve as aids to orientation.

Page 26 Guard against contamination from varnish fragments. Green control LEDs Fig.

If this bhm is exceeded, we advise you to check the mounting conditions. It is important that the shield is laid flat on the housing ground at both ends of the cable. Hnm The T10F calibration made for static measurements is also valid for dynamic torque measurements. Speed connector 2 Specifications Divergence of up to hb mm is permissible in measuring mode total of static and dynamic shift.

Page 83 Specifications T10F A Option 2, Code Kf1 S the installation situation for example, covering, area free of metal parts S the length of the cable S the tolerances of the excitation voltage supply T10F A Versatile use in many different applications due to wide measurement range and easy integration. Warranty In the case of complaints, a warranty can only be given if the torque flange is returned in the original packaging.

Under no circumstances must the permissible limits specified for bending moments, lateral and longitudinal forces be exceeded. Get a quote now! S The natural frequency f Remove the cover of the stator housing.