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Panasonic HDC-MDH1 manual usuario. 1. Operating Instructions High Definition Video Camera Model No. HDC-MDH1 Before use, please. Explore the Panasonic HDC-MDH1 – Camcorders. AVCHD Pro Camcorder HDC-MDH1. SHOP NOW Manual Downloads: Operating Instructions English. Specs – Explore the Panasonic HDC-MDH1 – Camcorders. AVCHD Pro Camcorder HDC-MDH1 [Optical Image Stabilizer] / O.I.S. Lock. Focus, Auto / Manual.

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Before use, please read these instructions completely. The socket outlet shall be installed near How to replace the fuse the equipment and easily accessible.

Panasonic HDC-MDH1 Operating Instructions Manual

The location of the fuse differ according The mains plug of the power supply cord to the type of AC mains plug figures A shall remain readily operable. Contents Information for Your Safety Accessories Check the accessories before using this mqnual.

Keep the accessories out of reach of children to prevent swallowing. Product numbers correct as of Aug. These may be subject to change. Due to limitations in LCD production technology, there may be some tiny bright or dark spots on the LCD monitor screen. Fold the tip of the shoulder strap, About the supplied run it through the shoulder strap accessories length adjuster, and pull it.

Inserting a battery Attaching the external stereo microphone to the unit Remove the battery cover from the microphone. Attach the microphone mdg1 the accessory shoe. Panasonic products and batteries manufactured by other companies and certified by Panasonic. Batteries which do not support this function cannot be used.

Panasonic HDC-MDH1 Manuals

Panasonic cannot in any way guarantee the quality, performance or safety of batteries which have been manufactured by other companies and are not genuine Panasonic products. The actual time can vary depending on your actual use.

While the DC cable is connected to the AC adaptor, the battery will not charge. Once the data is deleted, it cannot be restored. Preparation Selecting a mode Setup Change the mode to recording or playback. Operate the mode switch to change the mode to Motion picture recording mode l 28 Still picture recording mode l 30 Playback mode l 34, 65 VQT2Z It is easier to use the stylus pen supplied for detailed operation or if it is hard to operate with your fingers.

Preparation Setting date and time Setup When the unit is turned on for the first time, a message asking you to set the date and time will appear.

Select [YES] and perform steps 2 to 3 below to set the date and time.

Panasonic HDC-MDH1 Manuals

When in focus No mark: When focusing is unsuccessful. Record pictures in the and automatically adjust the colour balance manual focus mode. Select the playback operation by 0h00m00s 0h00m00s 0h00m00s selecting the operation icon and press the button in the centre. Open the LCD monitor.

It can amnual extended to a maximum of 23k during motion picture recording mode. Close-up recording zoom in W side Advanced Image stabilizer function Recording Advanced Use the image stabilizer to reduce the effects of shake during recording.


Optical image stabilizer lock In motion picture recording mode, you can further improve optical image stabilization by touching and holding O. With this function, you can further reduce the effects of the shake that tends to occur when using zoom. Advanced Recording functions of Recording Advanced operation icons Select the operation icons to add different effects to the images to be recorded. Backlight compensation button and press the button in Select an operation icon and the centre to display the press the button in the centre.

Intelligent exposure This brightens dark parts so the image can be recorded clearly. Backlight compensation This makes the image brighter to prevent darkening of a backlit subject. Soft skin mode This makes skin colours appear softer for a more attractive appearance. Colour night view This function allows you to record colour images in very low light situations.

Aspect ration of high-definition television, etc. Aspect ration of 4: Hsc is activated, and the recording level is adjusted It is possible to determine the exposure of the whole image by looking at the distribution in the graph.

Adjust the brightness using [IRIS]. Aspect ratio of 4: Priority is given to the number of still pictures recorded. Still pictures are recorded in normal picture quality. White balance The automatic white balance function may not reproduce manusl colours depending on the scenes or lighting conditions.

If so, you can adjust the white balance manually.

Panasonic HDC-MDH1 Manual De Usuario – Página 1 def |

Adjust it when recording fast-moving subjects. Adjust it when the screen is too bright or too dark. Advanced Recording with manual Recording Advanced focus Perform focus adjustment using the focus ring.

If auto focusing is difficult due to the conditions, then use manual focus. Advanced Playback Operations Playback Advanced Motion picture playback using operation icon For details on the basic playback operations, refer to page Playback operation Playback display Operating steps Select 5 using the cursor button and press mmdh1 button in the centre during playback to fast forward. Majual Playback 3 Touch or drag the direct playback bar.

Time frame index An image of one scene is displayed as a thumbnail at set search condition. Scene can be played back from any midway point of the scene you wish to see. Resuming the previous playback If playback of a scene was stopped halfway, the playback can be resumed from where it was stopped. Changing the playback settings and playing back the slide show Select using the cursor button and press the button in the centre.

Select the desired item and press the button in the centre. Select the date to be played back. Selects the interval between still pictures at playback. Dividing a scene to partially delete To delete an unnecessary portion of a scene, first divide the scene and then delete the unnecessary portion. If you connect this unit to a HDMI compatible high hhdc TV and then play back the recorded high definition images, you can enjoy them in high resolution with high quality sound.


Refer to the following support site for information about the Panasonic TVs that you can directly insert an SD card into the SD card slot on the TV and then play it back. If the images are not output on the TV when the setting is [AUTO], switch to the method [i] or [p] which enables the images to be displayed on your TV.

Not all operations are possible. Operate with the remote control for the TV.

Refer to the operating instructions of the TV for the operations that support on the TV. Change the video input on the video manula and TV that this unit is connected to. Further, Panasonic does not warrant that the operation of the Software Article 2 Use by a Third Party will be uninterrupted or error free. Panasonic Licensee may not use, copy, modify, transfer manuaal any of its distributors will not be liable for Read the [End User License Agreement], then manuaal a check beside [I accept the terms of the license agreement] if you agree to them and click [Next].

When installation is complete, some notes will appear. Check the contents, then close the window. Select [Yes, I want to restart my computer now. The PC must be rebooted for the application to work.

Double click the icon in task tray displayed on the PC. The ndc data will be recorded. If you log on with a user name for a guest user account, the software cannot be used.

If the message appears even after repeating this several times, this unit needs repair. Others Cautions for use Make sure to use the supplied cords and About this unit cables. If hc use optional accessories, use the cords and the cables supplied The unit and the SD card become warm with them. This is not a malfunction.

Do not extend the cords and the mrh1. Do not use the unit for surveillance About the battery purposes or other business uses. It was not intended for rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It is continuous use, or for any industrial or susceptible to humidity and temperature and commercial application resulting in Prepare spare batteries when going out About the AC adaptor for recording.

About condensation When condensation forms on the unit, the lens will cloud up mznual the unit may not work properly. Make every effort to ensure that condensation does not form.

If it does form, take the actions described below. Causes of condensation Condensation takes place when the ambient temperature or humidity is changed as follows. The stated times are the approximate recordable times for continuous recording.

The stated number is mdg1 approximate number of recordable pictures. Auto tracking white balance system Standard illumination: AC adaptor Information for your safety Power source: Others Optional accessories Product numbers correct as of Aug.