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Three star Michelin award winning chef Heston Blumenthal is chef/owner of the Fat Duck Restaurant in Bray, England. The restaurant was given the distinction. In Search of Perfection [Heston Blumenthal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ‘Perfection’ is an eight-part TV series hosted by Heston.

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We had such an incredible experience at the restaurant that we wanted to find a way to recreate the same magic at home. Documented in two books and a pair of BBC television series, this is a set of 16 dishes that all take the techniques and ethos ehston the food served at the Fat Duck and apply it to the kind of traditional, home-style meals that many Brits grew up with.

Heston Blumenthal – In Search of Perfection S01E03 Steak & Salad

Our goal was to cook all of them, as closely as possible to the full recipe and instructions Heston specifies, taking as few shortcuts as possible. Our only deliberate compromises would be with ingredients, where cost or availability would sometimes prohibit what was available to cook with. The Heston Blumenthal In Search of Perfection recipes are listed below in the order in which we tackled them.

This helped us build up our skills as well as our stock of kitchen gadgets. Read on to see how easily you can make it yourself. Or click here to see why it was so good we had to make it a second time. It might be another one that requires complicated equipment this time a sausage stuffer and a return of the pressure cooker and the ingredients can be awkward to source, natural hog casings and butchers rusk being difficult to track down. The results are more than worth it.

It actually took us four long years of failure to perfect those chips. Besides, we figured if they could knock this up in 3 hours on Masterchef Australia then we could do it in a spare weekend. And just wait until you hear about those brioche burger buns. We decided these were all unnecessary affectations, so we just skipped making them.


T he Sound of The Sea. It was while making this recipe that we finally understood what the entire Perfection Project sought to achieve.

But all that work, and the incredible range of flavours, combines to form something utterly unique. Like the Fish Pie, Chicken Tikka and Peking Duck recipes, just looking at the ingredients list and the many, many pages of cooking instructions is daunting. And of making your food too salty.

Besides, dishes like the Burger, Tikka and Peking Duck are all equally amazing. Spaghetti Bolognese Runners Up: TrifleBlack Forest Gateau. Baked Alaska Runner Up: Roast ChickenSteak and Salad. Spaghetti Bolognese Runner Up: Black Forest Gateau Runners up: Chilli Con CarnePeking Duck. Fish Pie Runner up: Chilli Con Carne Runner Up: PizzaChicken Tikka Masala.

Triple Cooked ChipsPeking Duck. Housebrick Tandoor Runners Up: Hay smokingChocolate Spray Gun. Brioche Burger Buns Runners Up: Onion GravyRoast Potatoes. A bit sweeter than i expected from a bolognese. I will make it again one day, but do it to the letter, just to compare it to my first attempt.

We really love the bolognese. Umami paste sounds like a great way to boost the flavour too. I had no idea it had hestonn going this long! A seriously impressive and inspiring effort — great work. A massive commitment and fascinating reading. I envy your patience on these adventures, the only think I attempted very poorly was the fish pie.

BBC Two – Heston Blumenthal: In Search of Perfection – Episode guide

And you did the perilous hay smoking, which is the toughest part! The burger is definitely worth the effort. Huge thanks man, for reading AND for all the love and support. And look forward to seeing your next adventures too. A stellar accomplishment, Phil! Talk about dedication and perfectuon.

It feels like the end of an era…. I too am looking forward to whatever may be on the horizon for the blog. Check out thehestonbulmenthalteam on Instagram for some gorgeous-looking recipes that should be achievable by all.


Good stuff seeing all the posts. Compliments on sticking it out and especially your humour in everything great for keeping your sanity. I was rolling on the floor more than once a lot more by your write-ups.

In Search of Perfection S2E7 Risotto

Bkumenthal back I still cannot believe I managed to cook all these recipes. Meanwhile, I highly recommend the blog In Search Of Heston, where they actually made all 16 of the Blumenthal recipes, with wildly differing results. If I push on through the series, it will be partly as a backdrop […]. Slightly obsessed, but not weird. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of hestonn posts by email.

Black Forest Gateau Oh dear God. Risotto Hardest Perfection Recipe: Peking Duck Most Expensive: Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below….

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