HP 3468B PDF

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The HP A comes in a streamlined portable package with a handle for convenient carrying, whereas the HP B comes in a plastic system case for easy. The Agilent B is a fully programmable with the HP-IL, a two-wire serial interface, and the HPC/CV handheld calculators or the more powerful HP Series. HP B current source troubleshooting. «on: August 11, , am». Hi, I’ve bought a used DMM HPB on ebay. VDC seem to be accurate.

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Hi everyone, i just bought 3468bb used HPB no manual no test leads on ebay and i was wondering if there was a way to automatically subtract the test leads resistance from the reading? What is the connection to HP calcs?

Brazil on 30 July The HP is another example: There is a specific Up for the HP41 that adds many specific data acquiring features, and this ROM is supposed to be used to help controlling the Tran on 31 July Was my dream DMM.


I tried the 48 with the Fluke but could not get it to work. Thanks everyone for your quick response greatly appreciate. I dont have a H or anything to controlis there another way subract the test lead resistance.

Sorry if i sound stupid im new to this stuff.

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What are you measuring, micro-Ohms? Why is the test lead resistance a factor? Can’t you just short them and zero the meter?

Hi, 34468b I believe there is no way to take a measuring completely excluding the resistance from leading points. The best you can do is to use the 4 Wire connection for small resistances, when the leading resistance shall be almost unconsidered.

HP Agilent Keysight 3468B 5.5 DIGIT Digital Multimeter Tested

You can read about this in the User’s Guide. I don’t have one of these DMM’s but the manual talks about an autozero function for 4-wire ohms measurements page 9 and says that the autozero function does subtract out the lead resistance.


I wonder why they didn’t do this in 2-wire mode? I’m I just misreading the manual? Message 12 Posted by Artur-Brazil on 31 July2: So, I mounted the following circuit: Has anybody ever tried this out? Best regards Artur Edited: Message 13 Posted by marc on 1 Aug Mr Duell did something with it Tran Thanks everyone for your quick response greatly appreciate.