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“The story of the third Burns sister is as interesting and romantic as the previous two. The main characters are appealing, and the secondary ones add depth to. Hungry For More by Diana Holquist, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Buy a cheap copy of Hungry for More book by Diana Holquist. Chef James LaChance has no time for the gorgeous Gypsy who appears at his restaurant with a.

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In just a few easy steps below, you can become an online reviewer. You’ll be able to make changes before you submit your review. Unsatisfying From Amazon Holquist is a good writer. I adored James, her chef hero. His food, his looks, his amazing acceptance of the heroine’s many MANY quirks. Even his secret flaw endeared him to me. But Amy, oh no! First of all, she’s a Gypsy, which is fine.

But Holquist plays to every Gypsy stereotype you can imagine, including the clothes. Amy’s a con-artist and a liar. She lies and lies and LIES. To James, to a scared teenager, to her sister see the previous book Sexiest Man Aliveand to herself. Sometimes Amy lies to get ahead, sometimes because it’s just what she does. And while she’s not much bothered by this habit after all, she reasons, it’s the gypsy wayI was! It was difficult to like this lying woman, let alone care about her happily ever after with James.

Of course, this liar has huge trust issues. Throughout the story, Amy runs or plans to run away multiple times. And James demonstrates again and again that Amy can trust him.

Hungry For More : Diana Holquist :

Even though he wants to teach her to cook, she refuses to work with him in the restaurant he owns because it wouldn’t be an “equal” relationship. This irritated me on a number of levels. James works his butt off in his beloved restaurant. Meanwhile, Amy’s been conning people all her life and has nothing to show for it. But in order for them to be together, their finances must be in sync? She can’t trust him enough to continue working for him?

She can’t accept that they’ve lived very different lives and move on together? The woman has never eaten gnocchi, doesn’t know hjngry about fine cheeses, has never heard of shallots vs onions. She dices some carrots, heats up oatmeal, and cooks one very simple meal after watching James do it earlier in the day. The girl is a culinary Philistine! But she suddenly decides to be a great cook, open a restaurant to compete with James, and invent moore like blue corn torilla chips with pomegranate seeds and fruit salsa?

This Italian girl can suspend her disbelief when it comes to spirit voices, but NOT the preparation of good food. Amy’s overnight transformation from con-artist to Foodie was completely unconvincing. Frankly, these two things ruined the book for me.

I thought I could deal with Amy for the sake of James, but the ending annoyed me to much. Rather silly From Amazon The character of Amy is a lying, cheating, stealing, transient gypsy — and this is supposed to be a likeable character?

Hungry for More

From the first time she appears, she is sneaky, snarky and sarcastic. Yet, James thinks she is irresistibly sexy? I don’t think so. I never for a minute thought that this handsome, talented, rich and successful man would fall for a woman who is described as almost being filthy and eats crackers with ketchup.


This book’s premise of finding One True Love was mildly cute in the first story featuring her sister, Cecilia. Here, it becomes just downright silly with fake psychics, seances and channeling. Amy takes and takes from everyone around her and unforgivably, cons a teenage boy into trusting her when his mother has gone missing.

That just about did it for me. Badly written and boring, I kept hoping it would get better, but it doesn’t. The author throws in some “big secret” at the end regarding James, but it falls flat because you just don’t care anymore about either one of them.

Don’t waste your time on this junk. Ever since appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show, her gift of naming a person’s true love has been silent. Finding out that her muse might have taken up with a runaway single mother employed at a French restaurant, Amy shows up and fakes a story about being the single mother’s replacement.

It is only a matter of time before her psychic ability is back with her and she can once again access her mystical power. James LeChance knows that Amy Burns is not what she seems. Exotic in a Gothic gypsy sort of way, he knows she has an agenda and he knows she is not being honest. However, with just one kiss he was able to concoct in his mind a new dish to offer on his menu. He can’t help but wonder what she would inspire if they do more than kissing. Hungry for More by Diana Holquist is the third book in a trio.

In the prior novels, Amy was able to name her sisters’ one true love. The catch to her ability is that she can’t predict her own. Amy’s loss of her ability scares her and makes her restless and edgy. She is willing to do anything, screw over anyone, and lie, cheat, and steal to get that ability back. For those reasons alone, Amy Burns was simply not likable to me.

I actually could not stand her as a character in Hungry for More. She was a thief. To me she was simply unredeemable and Ms. She really did, but by the time Amy seemed to get it all together, I simply wanted holuist hero to find someone else. Speaking of the hero – James LeChance, while being a chef and restaurant owner, is by no means a true mettle of a man’s masculinity.

James’ actions were, but not in a good way. He seemed to be a bit beta for my tastes and I found myself rolling my eyes at him more than once. Hungry for More left me hungry alright.

Parts of it were comical, parts of it emotional. For me as a reader, those parts didn’t outweigh my dislike of the female lead character. For those readers who enjoy comedy and humor in their romance, Hungry for More has it. If you are looking for sensuality and equal love between both characters, then Hungry for More would be best left unread.

It was definitely not the book for me, that’s for sure. Talia Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed. I am still hungry!! Some of my favorite things–reading, food, sex and Oprah all bound between the cover of a book.


You should grab a smooth beverage, turn on the table lamp, curl up with a bit of Oprah, delectable food and some real heat, cooked up between one hot chef and a sexy mystical gypsy. Of course the guy gets the girl; this is a romance novel after all, but you will become entranced from beginning to end with twists, turns, and multiple personalities.

Beginning each chapter with a catchy food quote, you may need to have that bowl of chocolates nearby. Is he under the influence of the temptress Amy Burnes?

Amy is a gypsy with a gift of being able to name a person’s one true love. To keep the power, she can never fall in love herself. This coming weekend have a fine dinner out, curl up on the couch with this last book in the Burns sisters’ saga, “Hungry for More” by Diana Holquist, and enjoy the dilemma James and Amy find themselves in.

Despite being financially challenged, she refuses to let it take a toll on her pride. On top of everything else, Maddie, her inner-voice, has disappeared and Amy is not able to get her back at this time. Amy is curvaceous, flirtatious, and used to having holuist way with all the men she comes into contact with.

James, owner of the restaurant that Amy works for, is smart and does ,ore allow Amy’s sex appeal to overpower his rationalization. Even after laying a hot wet kiss on him, James refuses to let Amy see any attachment or physical attraction for her. Troy, a typical everyday teeny bopper, works in the restaurant well. Desiring to enter into the restaurant business himself eventually, Troy has other plans for his boss.

He looks up to James in a fatherly way and would love nothing more than to see his mother married to him.

Diana Holquist Quotes (Author of Sexiest Man Alive)

In so many ways, many women, at one point or another in their lives, can relate to Amy’s situation. This character wanted the fame and fortune.

On some instances, she went about accomplishing her goals and ambitions in the right way and many times she did not. I would recommend this book to adults, caterers, pastry makers, and anyone wanting to read a romantic novel with a twist of ongoing laughter and humor. Diana Holquist dixna a great job of providing a sense of humor to her main character Amy.

Amy had me laughing throughout the whole book. Due to feeling overwhelmed and having a stressful day at the restaurant, Amy bummed a cigarette from the bartender and said the following about her serving abilities, “No, I’m not getting off on being a good runner.

Diana Holquist’s style of writing is unique and exciting. Romance novels come and go but this one definitely keeps your interest. This is an engaging contemporary romance with a whimsical thread of fantasy From Amazon Amy Burns loves her skill of being able to tell someone the name of their true love.