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InSpectres – B&W interior, 80 pages Do you have what it takes to work The Largest RPG Download Store! Then join the InSpectres team!. InSpectres is a roleplaying game by Jared A. Sorensen that is easy to “learn” and ideal for playing on short notice. The authors statement, that. “InSpectres” is a role-playing game of horror and comedy written by Jared Sorenson and published by Memento-Mori Theatrics. Players take.

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InSpectres is a game about the burgeoning supernatural investigation and elimination market. Start a company and try to stay afloat long enough to cash in those sweet, sweet stock options.

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It has been jnspectres support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. I supported because… “You make life better It’s even more impressive you do that now that I’m an adult!


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GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Please select a support frequency. Fighting the Forces of Darkness so you don’t have to.

Inspectrres and manage your own InSpectres franchise – can you keep it afloat? Innovative mechanics make this investigation game actually fun to play Influence the game using “The Confessional” – a first in RPG history!

Rules for “weird agents” – play a vampire, zombie, werewolf and more!

More Information Edit History. Descent into the Underearth InSpectres. Learn More I supported because… “You make life better No Web Links Found.

InSpectres – Credit Card Sheet. This Sheet can be printed out and placed on the table as a place to store your franchise dice.

Plan your new InSpectres franchise with this sheet. The character sheet to make your own InSpectre. Add a copy to your collection.