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you for drawing something that made me excited to keep writing and going above and beyond with your interludes. Somethin’ I Can Hold Onto (Klaine, R). on to BTVS and have recently become obsessed with Klaine and Glee fiction a message containing any interludes I write before I publish them on this site. Maritime Interludes “so here’s my little diddy for the klaine book project’s second and most recent book. merman!kurt, human!blaine rating.

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Blaine is the son of a conservative politician. Something dark and slightly twisted.

Rated M for language, smut, gay sex and dark themes. Kurt Hummel is a world famous model sick with the shallow ways in which our society judges by appearances.

Desperate to find someone who likes him for him and not his looks he seeks refuge in the arms of the one man who can see him for who he truly is. Intrludes few days after their 2nd wedding anniversary, Kurt is in an accident and falls into a coma.

Blaine helps Kurt try to remember his old life while they consider starting a new one. Absolutely amazing, and I think klzine favorite scene ever in a Klaine fanfiction….

Set interludez eight years after a messy break up, Kurt and Blaine meet again unexpectedly, thousands of miles from Ohio and thousands of miles from the people they used to be. But what really happened at the Dalton end of year party to pull them apart?


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A week later, Blaine attempts suicide. He has no one else to turn to, and Kurt volunteers to take him in, believing that he can rehabilitate Blaine. The man he fell in love with is still in there, somewhere – he just has to figure interludees how to bring him back. Definitely a very hard and dark one but a must read.

Interludes – Chapter 1 – shandyall – Glee [Archive of Our Own]

Gonna make you cry for sure but so much love in it…. When Kurt was nine, his mom, an organ donor, died. Now, at seventeen, Kurt is on a search to find who has her heart… but, what he ends up finding is so much more. As Kurt finished up high school, he had plans to finally escape Ohio with Blaine, but when tragedy strikes, both Blaine and Kurt must try to contend with obstacles they never dreamed of encountering.

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Kurt is not an interludew person. Blaine is a vet. They dislike each other. Kurt is twenty four years old and deeply troubled. Then he meets Dr Anderson and things start to change.

Five years after a nasty college break up, Kurt Interoudes and Blaine Anderson are leading very different lives than they expected. Kurt is a successful assistant fashion designer, engaged, and a father-to-be. Blaine is struggling with a failed college career, depression, and drug addiction, ultimately alone. What brought them to those points in their lives, and what happens when they meet one another again?


After a dark incident in his past, Kurt is uncapable of loving. Blaine, on inteerludes other hand, is capable of loving too much.

Can he help Kurt believe in love once again? Kurt is the year-old first violinist and concertmaster of the Oregon Symphony Orchestra in Portland. Now, four years later, their group of friends reunites at a lake house to marry off two of their own. The Symphony Verse PG shandyall: Interludes – Overtures – Crescendos – Staccatos: Blaine has spent most of his life feeling like the only thing people notice about him is that he stutters. Kurt and Blaine have been best friends since the day Kurt stopped Blaine on the stairs at Dalton, but never anything more.

This is why Blaine is more than a little shocked when Kurt suggests that they lose their virginity to one another before they head interludse to New York for college.

Kurt va kliane 26 ans. I want to hold your hand. I just love Glee. RSS Feed Maybe the answer is 42, maybe not! Submit a post Single A Premium Theme::