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Adding a cover page to an existing PDF · Create booklet from A4 document · Fonts How not to merge documents · Merging documents and create a Table of . Example written by Bruno Lowagie in answer to the following question: * http:// */ package r; import. Feb 10, PdfStamper appending to existing file. Hi, I have a question regarding PdfStamper. Here is the code snippets FileOutputStream outputStream.

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As soon as you close the stamper, a new document will be itwxt. It will contain only 5 pages. You can add content between the constructor and the close method. There were two versions of this example. The getOverContent method is similar to the getDirectContent method discussed in topic 3.

It returns a PdfContentByte object that allows you to write to a new layer that goes on top of the existing content of the page you choose.

NOTE The methods getOverContent and getUnderContent give you the option to write to the direct content on a layer that goes on top of or below the existing content. The media box of the file that was used as the basis for hello3. The file used as the basis for hello1.

The difference between these two ways of creating a page in landscape is made transparent: In the next code snippet, the extra text was ot at the same coordinates as in listing 6.


This is prevented with the setRotateContents method. You create appdnd small canvas up front, but you can only add the page number once the document is completely finished.

Will the document eventually have 9 pages or ? The document shown in figure 6. In the first pass, the document is created without a header. The header, and—if necessary—a footer and a watermark, can be added in exizting second appennd.

Instead of existinv the document to a FileOutputStream in the first pass, you keep the file in memory using a ByteArrayOutputStream see section 1. In the second pass, you use the bytes from this OutputStream to create a PdfReader instance. There are different ways to work around this. Some applications read a file into memory before changing it; you could read the original file into a byte array and create a PdfReader object as demonstrated in listing 6.

Finally, you could also create the new file in memory using a ByteArrayOutputStream, and then overwrite the original file using these bytes. The “best choice” depends on the context. As a rule of thumb, I prefer temporary files for applications that run on the desktop; in a web environment, I create all existingg in memory. This method writes the resources necessary to render the imported page to the writer associated with the stamper.

This technique is often used to add watermarks to existing document.

Adding an image to an existing file | iText Developers

You can easily adapt the example to add an Image with the addImage method instead of an imported page. All the methods from topic 3 are at your disposal. You can appedn insert complete pages. You were only able to create the table of contents TOC once the document was finished.


But you wanted to display the TOC before the rest of the content, not after. You could, for instance, create a ColumnText object containing a series of Paragraphs, then you add these Paragraphs to a number of pages that are inserted into the existing document.

Adding an image to an existing file

Normally, you have to pass a PdfContentByte object with the constructor. In G you try to fit the content inside a rectangle. The document created by PdfStamper will start on page 3 of the original document, go on until page 41, and then add pages 1 and 2 at the end of the document.

These are practical examples that can be used to solve common problems with the help of PdfStamper, and using the concept of writing to the direct content as discussed in topic 3.

Adding content with PdfStamper Part 2 iText 5. Copying pages from existing PDF documents iText 5.

Adding content with PdfStamper Part 1 iText 5. PdfStamper uses a different mechanism, as demonstrated in the manipulateWith-Stamper method.