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June 17, pm PT by Rebecca Ford. ‘Transcendence’ Writer Jack Paglen in Talks for ‘Prometheus’ Sequel. Ridley Scott’s sci-fi. This is the reality for Jack Paglen, whose script for Transcendence found its way into the hands of the first time director and, eventually, up onto. If “Transcendence” paced its plot’s scientific events slower, it may much of Jack Paglen’s script for Transcendence – spaces out over a few.

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This was one of the hottest projects in town last year, born from a script that sold for a lot of money. Johnny Depp signed up soon after. As for the writer, Jack Paglen, this is trsnscendence breakthrough script! There was even a huge spec written in the s by Kyle Wimmer that tackled very similar territory.

Screenplay Review – Transcendence

But without question, Transcendence transcends the idea. All of the pitfalls inherent in this concept which there are many ofhe found ways around them. To understand this script, you have to imagine occurring here on earth. On a global scale. Well, this is an ambitious script. They believe once the singularity is reached, our planet will be in danger.

Transcendence ( film) – Wikipedia

They manage to kill most of these scientists, but strike out with Max. Lucky for Will, the shot is a flesh-wound. Unlucky for him, the bullet is laced with uranium.

Ttanscendence she gets this wild idea that they should do this for Will before he dies! Max thinks this is way too weird, but Evelyn is so passionate about it that he goes along with it. A week later, Will dies, but Evelyn gets him copied by the skin of her teeth. Oh, but it gets worse. He uses this technology to infiltrate his workers, essentially making them slaves, and turning them into extensions of himself.

Back in the boondocks, Max has realized just how dangerous Will has become, so has teamed up with the group who originally tried to kill him, the RIFT. Let bygones be bygones, right? I always forgive the people who try to kill me.

But the stronger Will gets, the less that will be the case. Everything is controlled by computers. Which means Will can use just about anything to mount a strike. And if they fail, humanity is doomed. We were talking about set-pieces awhile back on Scriptshadow, how they need to be big and original. When the cannons shoot, the nanotech move towards the target area, creating a blockade. When some shells do get through, blowing parts of the building up, the nanotech quickly rebuild the damaged area.

I could see that scene playing in the theater now. But what surprised me the most about Transcendence was that it was driven by a really heartfelt story — this broken love between Will and Evelyn.


I loved the conflict going on within Evelyn, how she knew Will was going too far, and that the right thing was to shut him down, but she loved him too much to do that. Conflict within characters is always good!!! So his choices were never easy either. Or was he telling her to do it because he wanted Evelyn all to himself? These are the kind of nuanced character issues you want to be setting up in every script!

Plot only interests a reader so much. We also talked about in that set-piece article putting things in your blockbuster script that producers can see in the trailers. Once characters started getting rigged with nanotech and had super-human abilities, shit just got cool.

Jack Paglen – IMDb

The transcencence also reminded me that a good writer can take his time getting into his blockbuster. We do have things happening assassinations and assassination attempts but much of the first 40 pages is dedicated to Will being transferred into the computer and understanding his new powers. After that though, the script really builds remember — a blockbuster must build! The only reservations I have about the script are logic-related. How was this huge thing allowed to be built up over so long a period trnscendence time trancsendence any interference?

In the end, Transcendence contains excellent execution, good characters, a heart at its center, transcendende some great never-before-seen action scenes. Every idea, whether it be a character or a relationship or an action set-piece, has a known ceiling. This ceiling is where any average person would take it. Your job, as a writer, is to go beyond that ceiling, to the places the average person never would have thought of.

You have to go beyond that. I believe the nanotech really brought this story to the next level. Hi carson, just got this idea: What do you think guys? I really enjoyed this one, especially the sort-of twist ending. So I was surprised to find myself quite gripped by this plot summary.

The storyline is wonderfully ironic and grim: I can already see the film in my head. Hope it turns out as good as it sounds.

Is it just plain overdone — too much Tron and Matrix in your life — or were you scarred by The Lawnmower Man as a kid, or something? Again, like time travel. Unfortunately, he ends up getting shot and bleeds to death, lasting long enough to watch his clone tear his clothes off and wear them himself. No one ever questions the transporter in Star Trek. It reduces someone to atoms and then reassembles a duplicate via some infinitely complex computer program, right down to the memories.

Carson, I really, really enjoyed this script as well. Very solid from start to finish, and I completely agree that Jack mined the idea for its full potential.

OT but I have a question regarding mini sluglines. Do you put them in the scene heading or the action line? Thanks to anyone who answers. By now, I thought it would be a daily part of our lives like flying cars…been promised that since grade school.


Looking forward to this one. That will be Dumb Starbucks becomes a sensation, opening up stores all over the world. People queue for hours to buy the coffee, even though it tastes like crap, in order to stick it to the man. Meanwhile, a thousand lawyers hired by the original Starbucks are closing in. In a thrilling courtroom climax, the judge awards in favour of Dumb Starbucks and awards it the entire Starbucks empire.

We close on a shot of the erstwhile radicals, wearing expensive suits and silk ties, but empty-eyed, sitting around a boardroom table and planning their next project: Apparently the guy who owns it is serious about making money. The health inspectors shut him down. I think this guy came up with this idea all alone at night with only his drunken friends to bounce it off of.

He needs to go further and parody other aspects of life in LA. Am I missing something here.? It just seems so basic that you load something on to the Internet as say you might a crate of California oranges on to a loading dock where most illiterates are known to work: Not as Will the human.

Keeping his real intentions a secret was a cheat in this story. It was entertaining, and the nanotechnology waves were kind of cool. And Lazlow needs her. What they had was over the minute she dumped him in Paris. For the sake of the plot. Because that not knowing is part of the suspense.

I was about to say: Now I understand why. At least, in Hollow man, the heros was an A-hole since the beginning…. He really just wanted to save the world by spreading an epidemic of dangerous nanotechnology around the globe controlled by him.

Jack Paglen

Yes, a movie that goes to great lengths to seem plausible. Half this film seems like its people explaining this film. He wanted to understand it. He was essentially doing everything he possibly transcendenxe from human to Ai for Evelyn, his love. It was her drive, her fuel, her passion that fed him to go to these lengths for her which were getting obsenely out of control but was the only way to regenerate the entire planet from this one entity which is not possible.

The old sixties film Colossus: The Forbin Project posited a sentient computer that absorbs all information, interfaces with other computers and takes over the world. In a pre nano age how does it get humanity to submit?