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Pratibha Ray is a novelist and short-story writer from Orissa. Her novel Yajnaseni is a best-seller in Orissa and won her the Bharatiya Jnanpith’s prestigious ninth. The story of Draupadi, one of the most fascinating characters in the Mahabharata. Strange as it may appear, Draupadi, the most accomplished heroine of the. jagyaseni oriya novel. 40 likes. Book. jagyaseni oriya novel. Privacy ยท Terms. About. jagyaseni oriya novel. Book. 40 people like this topic. Want to like this.

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Thank you for sharing the requirements with us. We’ll contact you shortly. The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. Draupadi, probably is another woman character after Eve who don’t have a childhood to remember or celebrate.

The novel begins from the end where the fallen Draupadi thinks of Krishn and drops a letter for him to read. It is like a complaint on the justice denied by the world.

Yajnaseni, the story of Draupadi is Pratibha Ray’s version of Mahabarata in the perspective of Draupadi. The author takes side with Draupadi here with a feminist attitude and tries to justify her actions by covering up all faults.

In the novel, Pratibha Ray tries to justify Draupadi in her wrong decisions to marry five husbands even after she had a choice to say no. The protagonist complaints the love she doesn’t receive from the husbands. She takes credit for creating harmony among the brothers at the same time calls for sympathy for the sacrifice she had to make to become wife of five husbands.

The author more focus on the ‘wife’ Draupadi and as Krishnbhakth but didn’t attempt a mother Draupadi who gave birth to children from all her husbands. The mother in Draupadi didn’t gets proportionate thoughts even when they dies in the war.

Book Review Yajnaseni

The author criticise the leading heroes of Mahabharata, i. In her view, they are one soul. Krishn got spared to most part and the attacks were mainly indirect. However, Arjun got direct wrath from the author.

Karn on the other hand had a better coverage and reputation than Arjun. Bhima, though funny at times, gets a comparatively good treatment. The author told short of saying that Arjuna married Draupadi to submit to Krishn.

Then, when it comes to Krishn, the author had maintained two standards. On the one hand, she accuses him of not jsgyaseni sufficient to prevent the bad things happened in her life.

He could have foresees that she will be getting married to five instead of one, but he didn’t prevent it. He could have foreseen the stripping scene before and could have prevented that but he waited and waited for it to happen jaghaseni only after she cried out ‘LOUD’ he heard her call. On the other, the author is all in praise of Krishn.


Druapadi have the reserved love for Krishn from the very beginning. Even the swayamvara was ‘planned’. The author’s accusation on Darmaputhra from the very beginning shows the ray of prejudice the author holds. The author conveniently skips the jagyqseni incidents which prompted the stripping scene and in turn the Kurukshethra war.

Draupadi’s insult on Duryodana. Also, the author fails the protagonist where there had chances of saying NO to marrying the five husbands. Her decision would have been respected if she didn’t start jzgyaseni others for her plight as she had given a choice as per the author. She agreed for the marriage to keep respect to the word but is not ready to accept responsibility of it.

That made the image as that of a complaining woman instead of a role model who is talented in all art and giving guidance to all of the husbands. Also the author passes the responsibility of denying Karn a chance to marry the protagonist based on his caste.

The book asks a question there had many wives for the kings during that time and even Krishn had many a wives. Then, why only questions a woman when she marries hagyaseni than one? The best plus of the book is that, that is helpful in asking some questions to ourselves.

The minus is that the iagyaseni fails to justify the protagonist. Traveling through the minds of characters is not an easy task and the author succeeds partially. The thought I got while reading the book not part of the book and it may be there earlier as well is that – the five Pandavas are five elements of human body. The story of Mahabharata jagyqseni seems to me that of human life without an essential element in it, i. The marriage of Draupadi to the Pandavas is symbolic and the secret of Mahabharata is that her marriage is incomplete with her non-marriage to Karn.

Krishn the love joins Draupadi the body, which forms life. To stop fire, we have to pour water. That explains killing jahyaseni Karn, that too when his charriott lost its race of wheel in water from rainfall.

If we realise that the Pandavas are representatives of human elements and the Mahabharata is a message for humankind jayyaseni kill the hatred, not the enemies, everything is in harmony, the sins and war is pardoned including that of Draupadi’s. I feel the translation is quite good.

There is an English version of ij book as well, if you are interested to read the book. Upload photo files with. Image size per photo cannot exceed 10 MB. So you are after the characters of Mahabharata now.

Yajnaseni: The Story of Draupadi

Let me come back after reading the review with attnetion. Thanks for the early comment. No, it is not that I am after Mahabharata characters, but the characters are after me. I mouthpad this book and was waiting for writing the review and now bought the book of Aleph by Paolo Coelho an So, now tell me, who is chasing who Paulsb02 Oct 19, Hey Paul, You have started the review with an impressive start, but I some how feels it gets repititive afterwards. Many things you ahve repeated.


What the concept of Pandavas being five elements is quite new as well intersting to I mus thank you for including that in the review Thats makes your review worth reading again I might read this book. True, I messed up the review a bit in a hurry and now edited it a bit, still I know it is the same. The five elements thought just received when reading the book and it must be from the thoughts of the author or of the characte That probably is the reason for me to include it in the review as the credit may have to go to the authors.

I have not kept up with your reviews for many days! After reading this I realise my loss. My father used to say Draupadi and the five Pandavas were a symbol for the mind and five senses. One thing I do not understand is why people need to take a mora As a translator I love the idea of a translation between Indian languages.

Are you on Face Book? I have tried to create a group for fiction in regional Indian languages.

I am sharing this there if possible for the moment. You are doing such a commendable thing by reviewing writings in Indian regional langauges. Are you novrl Facebook?

I will share this there I have been lazy and not kept up with your reviews and now I see my loss. Thanks Gita for the jayyaseni comments Pandavas as five senses I think I have to think that way as well.

Good that you shared it here. The 5 element thought come to me only after I If the readers are arguing on a story for the plus and minus and its values, I think the author has achieved the highest honour as it is not a small task to people to read and think and argue. Paulsb02 Oct 20, jagyasdni Translation between languages is jn best thing happening now a days.

In Kerala, DC Books are doing a commandable job in this regard. The only worry is that some times they are tempted to do abridged versions for heavy novels. Treasures are there in regional languages and probably it is a corporate job to dig it out and market aggressively – but corporate without financial greed.

No, me and facebook is not in good jagyaseeni but don”t know if I will join back sometime later. Now a days, it is like a mobile number or credit card. Sooner banks may ask facebook account to open a bank account. So, probably I may have jatyaseni make one, eventually. A blog for regional fiction writers You have been loggedin via facebook. Your Mobile has been activated successfully. Thank you for rating this Product.