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únor KELLER, Jan. Až na dno blahobytu (To the Bottom of Affluence.). In Až na dno blahobytu. Brno: DUHA, ISBN Title, Až na dno blahobytu. Edice Poslední generace · Poslední generace. Author , Jan Keller. Edition, 2. Publisher, Hnutí DUHA, ISBN, Až na dno blahobytu: ke společenským kořenům ekologické krize / Jan Keller. Main Author: Keller, Jan, Language(s): Czech. Published: Brno: Hnutí.

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How to apply Foreign transcripts Visa Information. Internationalization Strategy International Blahobyttu. Jan Keller Basic information. Academic degree, name, surname: BBuilding B Position: Research interests and teaching: All publications Keller, J. A Trialogue on Revolution and Transformation.

Social Transformations and Revolutions. Edinburgh University Press, Exclusion as a Social Problem and a Methodological Issue. Soziale Arbeit in Europa.


Až na dno blahobytu

Reihe Politik und Bildung, Band Neue soziale Risiken und Soziale Arbeit in der Transformationsgesellschaft: Ein empirisches Beispiel aus der Tschechischen Republik. Paradigmy zmien v El trabajo social en la Republica Checa. Social Work in Czech Republic. Social Work ekller Europe – Accounts from 16 Countries.

The social impact of reforms. Social Professions for a Social Europe. Common challenges and discourses.

Das Zugrundegehen des Sozialstaates. Books on Demand, Modernisation and Transformation of the Social.

Až na dno blahobytu

Sociologie organizace a byrokracie. Blaohbytu Journal of Social Theory. The social state at a turning point. De- and Reconstruction in European Social Work. Materialien zur vergleichenden Sozialarbeitswissenschaft. Globalisation,Networks and the Social State. Univerity of Ostrava, Intergenerational Solidarity and the Crisis of Insurance Systems.

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Noch warten die Tschechen auf Grun. Moc a bezmoc na prahu Institut filozofii i socjologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk: Institute of Philosophy and Sociology. Polish Academy of Sciences. Freedom Interwoven With the Wheel. The World Perceived by the Heart of Europe. Revue pro politiku, ekonomii, sociologii a dnp. Sociologie byrokracie a organizace.

Poverty from the life-course perspective Main solver prof. The Theory of Soc.

The role of social policy in modern soc.