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Mammoth Hunters [Jean M. Auel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Leaving the valley of horses with Jondalar, the handsome man she has. The Complete Jean M. Auel Earth’s Children Series Six Book Set [Clan of the Cave Bear, Valley of the Horses, Mammoth Hunters, Plains of Passage, Shelters of. This article is a stub. You can help Earth’s Children by expanding it. The Mammoth Hunters is an historical fiction novel by Jean M. Auel released in

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She was raised by the Clan and she had been taught to please without delay whoever ordered her to, any man that showed with a sign his desire to copulate with her. A page turner, as in: And the others in the camp, who, we are given hints, can see what’s really going on in the whole big mess of this misunderstanding and know that Jondalar and Ayla still love each other, inexplicably, do NOTHING! We did not need to be told about things that were not relevant to the story.

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When she says it,think she was a horse. There are a lot of details that are now disputed because of advances in paleoanthropology, but for the time when she was writing this was really just about perfect.

She discovers great sex, and it all goes down hill from there.


The Mammoth Hunters

It’s like Auel was trying to write a real book and a Harlequin Romance kept breaking out. Find your own people? She finds herself drawn to him. Throughout the icy winter the tension mounts, but warming weather will bring the great mammoth hunt and the mating rituals hunterw the Summer Meeting, when Ayla must choose to remain with Ranec and the Mamutoi, or to follow Jondalar on a long journey into an unknown future.

Though Ayla must learn their different customs and language, she is adopted because of mamjoth remarkable hunting ability, singular healing skills, and uncanny fire-making technique.

This book has all the stuff we saw in Valley of the Horses. There are some other harmful actitudes in the book, but these are the most relevant; I think I’ve already made my mmmoth. Oct 06, Pages Buy.

The Mammoth Hunters – Wikipedia

But apart from this her achievements are endless! I spent the entire book wanting to slap the crap out of both of them, while screaming “just talk to each other already!!

Auel continues the breathtaking epic journey of the woman called Ayla. She nean Jean M. View all 5 comments. Tell ausl show — turn page. Feb 16, Gina rated it it was amazing Shelves: The earth’s children series, is an exceptional read on the early days of man, great cast of characters including the animals and plants, great hunts, and interactions between the different clans.

Clearly, while a much better effort than her last two, this book is NOT on par with Clan of Cave Bear, although fans of Alya will be placated. Absolutely loved this one again, she’s keep[ing me super into this world and I’ve barely been reading other books becuase I’ve just been immersed into mm world: Views Read Edit View history.


She had to leave the clan and move on. What did the most destruction to the goodness of this book was one of the absolute stupidest, most inane, childish, disgusting, vapid, retarded Big Misunderstandings in the world of Big Misunderstandings.

Jondular is especially annoying with his ability to flagellate himself and then nearly raping Ayla. This book is just short of pages, but the story could have been told in pages and been far the better for it.

Auel continues the breathtaking epic journey of the woman called Ayla. Rydag’s intelligence, maturity and wit endear him to Jondalar as well, who learns to overcome his cultural prejdice towards Clan and half-Clan people.

After that first book? I thought the Clan was well done – their differences with the Others were well explained and consistent with how they lived.

I loved the World War series because of his aliens – the people were made of cardboard. This is the third book in this series I have read.