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The Gokyo no Waza as the standard syllabus of Judo throws originated in From to the Kodokan Gokyo no Waza was made up of 40 throws in 5 . Looking for the best Judo throws for beginners? Look no more! Robert of is dishing out a top 10 list of Judo throws you. As a Brazilian, growing up with jiu-jitsu since the 80s (here we call it simply jiu- jitsu) my impression as to why we don’t teach as many takedowns as judo (I’ll.

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In an earleir article we talked about bjj and takedowns.

5 Best Judo Takedowns for BJJ : bjj

Instead of looking at judo and brazilian jiu-jitsu as completely different arts, bjj students should see them as complimentary and coming from the same original source.


True, the rules of each sport have diverged leading to a significant difference in the emphasis in each of the arts.

But the 2 disciplines are sisters. The Kodokan judo syllabus has 67 different throws but bjj guys need only know a handful to be effective from standing.

This throw is also great for self defense situations! To set up a larger technique.

Judo: 10 Best Throws Even Beginners Can Master

The Gracie Self Defense makes heavy use of the hip throw in all of its variations. If you score with the throw and get 2 points and end up on top — Great!

You may also use a similar entry to attack flying armlock or just get the fight to the ground in your open guard. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Leave this field empty. Log into your account. How To Defend The Marcelotine.

From Cancer to Closed Guard: Jiu-Jitsu vs Wrestling Sparring. Click on a tab to select how you’d like to leave your comment.


List of judo techniques

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