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toki! This is the first in a series of weekly lessons on Toki Pona- a conlang invented in with only words. Wait say again Jack. Did you say words?. Toki Pona is an invented language that borrows from Dutch, English and Chinese. It has only words but is two days enough time to. I want to learn toki pona cos it looks like it’s the best, but I have no idea how to start. I’ve looked at Conlang Critic’s 12 Days of Toki Pona.

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Well, there is a good vocabulary course on Memrise.

Where do I start learning toki pona? : tokipona

Conlang Critic ppna a 12 video series on it, covering vocabulary as well as grammar. The most important part is memorizing the or so words, because the grammar is very simple.


TalentLMS seems to cover all of the mentioned requirements, it is a versatile cloud-based LMS that can be used to train employees, partners or students online. Ask New Question Sign In. What are the best resources for learning Toki Pona?

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Toki Pona Lesson 1

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Is it possible to mix Toki Pona with Leearn Can Toki Pona grammar be simpler? What are the best resources for learning? What are the advantages of learning Toki Pona? What are the best resources for learning to learn? Still have a question?