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LEGO set database: Mobile Crane. Set number: ; Name: Mobile Crane; Also known as: Mobile Crane; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Modern. Find great deals for LEGO Town Classic Mobile Crane (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Lego Dreiachsiger Telekran / mobile Crane. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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PeeronBricklink and Brickset. The box art shows the Mobile Crane in action on some random out-doors landscape. Maybe the Worker is there to deliver the first tools to start a building site?

My personal favourite one levo the tow truck in the lower left portion of the picture. A notable info about the box is that this set includes a nice plastic tray.

Just like the box, unfortunately I do not have mine anymore. As a matter of fact, I did not even remember about this detail.

The box contains a nice amount of parts in 4 colours Black, Blue, Light Grey and Yellow plus 1 minifigure. The number of pieces is probably a bit over the standard for a legoo of this size, which is always a good thing. There are only a couple of recoloured parts in this set: Not much to rejoice here, but still something nice to add to our inventories.

Lego City Kran Kranwagen mit Container | eBay

On the other hand, the Black Lever Small Base with Light Gray Lever seem to have grown more popular as time passed, as I see I have quite a lot of them in my inventory mostly from recent sets, i.

The metal hook and the Crane arm parts are among my all-time favourites. Actually, I feel lfgo slight sense of happiness any time I see this part, for the memories it brings back. As said before, I find the empty background a bit disappointing, but it allows the set to be the centre of attention.

As you can also see in the picture below, the instructions do not give any indication about the way the feet dish part are stored when the vehicle moves. It would seem the dishes are simply stacked one above the other in front of the crane. The instructions are standard fare for the times and the only notable bit is the Bar 1 x 6 with Studs Open, which appears to be more Dark than Light Grey for some reason. Small boxes show detailed steps from time to time, but no call-outs are shown, as typical in older instructions.

The build starts from the container. A nice blue box that can hold whatever cargo we wish to move with our mighty crane. It can be easily replicated, adding to the playability of the set. We start by building the chassis. Nothing too complex, but some leto solutions are used. The plain black chassis gets covered with some bright yellow parts. Leego love the little details like the crane controls and exhaust pipes!

The big Black Turntable 4 x 4 Square Base with Top in the rear portion of the vehicle is what allows the crane to move. This means that the base of the crane does not need the smooth surface to move freely, as it could not get caught in the studs below it anyway. Just a view of the cab, with 631 steering wheel well encased in the squared windshield.


The space is a bit cramped, but this is a working machine, not a leisure car. Finally, we get to the very heart of this set, the big crane. The build is again quite simple, but very effective.

Instructions For LEGO 6361 Mobil Crane

Notice how the Yellow String Reel Winch is independent from the part supporting the crane arm. This was probably designed to allow an easy detachment of the winch to fix eventual hitches with the string. The finished set looks pretty nice and functional.

In this front view, you can see how compact and squared the cab is. It gives a elgo good feel of a heavy load hard working machine. And still it is a 4-studs wide truck, meaning it will work well in any Classic Town environment, unlike the monster trucks we have seen in recent years.

You also get an idea of the standard operational height of the crane. Of course, this is not its normal position when the vehicle moves. I like the fact that this truck has two sets of stop lights, as the lower ones are not visible from the rear when the feet are retreated. We are now ready to move to the next location, and the crane except for the feet has been readied for travel.

The crane has been lowered and it leans on the roof of the cab, with the hook dangling in front of the windshield. This reminds me legp one of the first scenes from Terminator 3…. As you can see, they work pretty well, as the crane is stable even when lifting heavy loads. The only smaller issue is evident when one tries to attach the container to the hook: But if one gets the right orientation, they connect pretty easily. It just requires a little practice.

What a surprise for our Worker when he found out what the source of all those beep-ing sounds 661 Moreover, the container itself can be easily replicated, adding to the playability of the set.

The only con is the lack of openable doors. It could be argued that two minifigs would have added more play value, but I feel the set is well lebo as it is. I have only had problems with the small arm parts in the past, as they tended to break quite easily for kego plastic was brittle. In this review, I used newer ones which seem to have less problems in this sense, probably due to a change in the plastic over the years.

Moreover, the container can be easily replicated, adding to the playability of the set. Legi for the review. It is my favorite crane. I still have the original box if you need more box pics. You’re correct about the outrigger fragile space robot arms. I broke the clip part while playing with it. Good thing they are available on Pick A Brick. You can also raise the crane off the ground by turning the “torch” around so that the protrusion part is resting under the “space robot” arm.


Another classic set I own. Unfortunately, with the exception of the crate which is still in existencethe crane is scattered in many parts in several boxes. I ought to have a look to see if I still have the entire set! A common story used to involve it competing with – Cargomaster Crane for work and the operators of said vehicles getting into many comic fights, keeping my already overstretched police busy! Too much imagination as a child. Even more so as a grown up now that I want to rebuild them!

Thank you for the feedback people. If you could spare some time to take a pic of the front and one of the back, that’d be much appreciated. Thanks for the fantastic classic town reviews! I love your attention to detail. A real classic vehicle from the great era. Great design, highly playable and can be combined with many other sets in order to create some very nice action scenes. For some reason, this particular minifig black overalls, red construction helmet was one of my all time favorites back then and still is.

I still have it from my childhood and I’m very lucky that it’s still in excellent condition. Thanks again for the great review and the beautiful lsgo back in time LuxorV! Thanks ‘LuxorV’ for the review of this classic 4 wide crane, I like the design especially the cab Now I might just sit down and design a 6 wide version of this set Great review LuxorV Love this classic city set! Great to see a review of it. This is one set I had to find.

Lego City 6361 Kran Kranwagen mit Container

Zorbas, it came with a nice plastic tray. I tried last year with a 6 wide yellow crane http: Still not as good as the old Elgo you very much, my friend. I added them to the review with due credit and a couple of lines to comment them. The back of the box That was the kind of box I was refering to. I said “drawer-like” because I had the habit of using it as a drawer for minifigs, pieces etc back then.

The only thing that was different was the tray. Mine was the right one. A vehicle and a crane from one set. I had that crane as a child, great model.

I guess it is good to hang onto Lego boxes for 25 years. It might be a country specific packaging. Way back then, Lego in Canada was packaged by Samsonite. It may be different in other countries. My favorite alt vehicle on the box is the tow truck.