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Les Troyennes Euripide, un des trois grandsauteurs tragiques de l’Athènes classique ( av. J.-C. – av. J.-C.) Ce livre numérique présente «Les. Buy Les Troyennes by Euripide, Nicolas Louis Marie Artaud (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Buy Les Troyennes by Euripide, FB Editions, Nicolas Louis Artaud (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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L’intertextualité comme procédé dramaturgique dans Hécube et Les Troyennes d’Euripide

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Still, though I am sure you hate me, yet I want to inquire [] what you and Hellas have decided about my life. Menelaus To judge your case required no great exactness; the army with one consent, that army whom you wronged, handed you over to me to die. Helen May I answer this decision, proving that my death, if I am to die, will be unjust?


Menelaus [] I came not to argue, but to slay you. Hecuba Hear her, Menelaus; let her not die for want of that, and let me answer her again, for you know nothing of her villainies in Troy ; and the whole case, if summed up, [] will insure her death against all chance of an escape.

Menelaus This gift needs leisure; still, if she wishes to speak, she may. Yet I will grant her this because of your words, that she may hear them, and not for her own sake. Helen Helen Perhaps you will not answer me, from counting me a foe, [] whether my words seem good or ill. Yet I will put my charges and yours over against each other, and then reply to the accusations I suppose led will advance against me.

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First, then, that woman was the author of these troubles [] by giving birth to Paris ; next, old Priam ruined Troy and me, because he did not slay his child Alexander, baleful semblance of a fire-brand, 1 long ago. This man was to judge the claims of three rival goddesses; [] so Pallas offered him command of all the Phrygians, and the destruction of Hellas ; Hera promised he should spread his dominion over Asiaand the utmost bounds of Europeif he would decide for her; but Cypris spoke in rapture of my loveliness, [] and promised him this gift, if she should have the preference over those two for beauty.


Now mark the inference I deduce from this; Cypris won the day lez the goddesses, and thus far has my marriage proved of benefit to Hellasthat you are not subject to barbarian rule, neither vanquished in the strife, nor yet by tyrants crushed. But you will say I am silent on the real matter at hand, how it was I started forth and left your tryoennes by stealth.

The Plays of Euripides, translated by E.

Euripides, The Trojan Women, line

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