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This manual contains maintenance procedures for service personnel. It is divided .. Cn. Lexmark. Cdn. Lexmark. Cn. Lexmark. Cdn. Lexmark. Lexmark C C C C Service Manual – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Lexmark C C Service Manual. xx, 4xx. Go Back. Previous. Next. Assembly 1: Covers . 4. 3. 1. 6. 5. 8. 7. 2. 9 www MK-Electronic de.

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Replace the controller board. Did this remedy the situation?


manul From the printer Quality menu, nine types of Color Samples sets are available. Hold the fuser cover down, and then remove the jammed paper. Insert the bottom edge inside the frame, and then push down on the top edge to clear the top cover.

Options And Miscellaneous xx, 4xx Assembly 6: Remove the toroid by unwrapping the loops, and pulling the connector through the opening.

Grasp the green lever, and pull the fuser cover toward you. Understanding Jam Numbers And Locations xx, 4xx Understanding jam numbers and locations When a jam occurs, a message indicating the jam location appears. Change the settings to indicate the correct media.

A solid color page is generally caused by a problem in the high-voltage controller or an incorrect high-voltage in the printing process resulting in toner development on the entire photoconductor drum. dervice


Using non-Lexmark toner cartridges may also cause the problem. Page xx, 4xx imaging unit IU display blank, 5 beeps description one or more buttons fail parts catalog options and features removal description input source tests parts catalog lithium battery Panel Menus low-voltage power supply LVPS Panel Test connections Page xx, 4xx Next to screw Elift the right lower frame pin F out of the hole in the printer frame.


If you replace the ITU, reenter this value. Second transfer Page – Step 5: Charge Page – Step 2: Properly reconnect or right side of the printer. Remove only the rubber tires and not the paper pick tire assembly to avoid losing small parts. Servoce more network troubleshooting information, consult the Lexmark Network Setup Guide. Print Quality-background Service tip: ,exmark the three screws D securing the lower right frame to the printer. Page xx, 4xx Remove the tray 2 connector F by pinching the tabs together and pushing the connector into the printer.

Replace the controller board. To run Motor Detect: The HTTP session will terminate.

Go to step 3. Using non-Lexmark toner cartridges may also cause the problem. Connector Locations xx, 4xx 5. Right Lower Frame xx, 4xx Right lower frame Note: This selection cannot be reversed, so this operation should be used only as a last resort to fix any printer problem.

AC power in Low-voltage power supply High-voltage power supply Page 99 xx, 4xx Select the Skew value in the same way, enter the value, press Selectand print the Quick Test to see if the observed values and the current values are the same. Theory Of Operation xx, 4xx Theory of operation Print engine theory Electrophotographic process EP process The method that all laser and LED printers use to print is called the electrophotographic process.


You will need the digit numeric value from the barcode after the installation, and it is easier to see at this point. Selecting Manuxl US fed as well as non-recycled paper. The following illustration shows proper alignment versus skewed alignment. With the customer’s permission, you may need to install a developer toner cartridge or photoconductor unit. When installing the front cover on the following models, note the differences relating to the USB port cable: The contents of the Print Test Page vary depending on the media installed in the selected input source.

Write down the number of the new ITU before installing it.

Make Your Selection

Rotate the top of the fuser toward the front, slide it to the left to align the fuser side frames with the flat areas of the shaft Eand lift to remove the fuser. Remove the fuser screw G. Reports xx, 4xx Reports Menu Settings Page Print the menu settings pages to list the customer settings and sfrvice verify printer options are installed correctly.

When factory default settings are restored: Replace the developer unit. US fed as well as non-recycled paper. The following hints can help you avoid jams: