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View and Download Lexmark XN – X B/W Laser user manual online. User’s Guide. XN – X B/W Laser All in One Printer pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Lexmark XN – X B/W Laser. We have 4 Lexmark XN – X B/W Laser manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual. View and Download Lexmark XN service manual online. XN Printer pdf manual download. Also for: Xn.

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Reducing or enlarging copies Nanual the address book Poor scanned image quality Safety information Connect the power cord to a properly grounded electrical outlet that is near the product and easily accessible. Do not place or use this product near water or wet locations. This product uses a laser. Use of controls or adjustments or lexmarj of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

Additional setup and instructions for using the printer: What are you looking for? Find it here The latest supplemental information, updates, and technical Lexmark Support Web siteā€”support. Left Side 31 cm 12 in. Right Side 31 cm 12 in. Front 41 cm 16 in. Rear 15 cm 6 in. Printer configurations Basic model The following illustration shows the printer front with its basic features or parts: Learning about the printer Printer control panel Standard exit bin Paper stop Manual feeder Paper tray sheets Front door Front door release button Configured model The following illustration shows the fully configured printer: Fax is supported on selected models only.

Understanding the ADF and scanner glass Automatic Document Feeder ADF Scanner glass Use the scanner glass for single pages, small items such as postcards or photostransparencies, photo paper, or thin media such as magazine clippings.


Use the ADF for multiple-page documents. The ADF is available on selected models only. Use the address book when scanning to e-mail. Item Description Address Book Access any of the programmed shortcuts for fax and e-mail. Fax mode is not available on selected printer models. In the Fax To: Additional printer setup Attaching cables Connect the power cord to the printer first and then to a wall outlet.

Connect the printer to a computer or a network. Double-click the Install icon. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Select your printer, and then select your operating system.

Press the arrow buttons until Network Setup Page appears, and then press After the network setup page prints, Ready lexmmark. Consult a amnual support person for a solution, and then print another network setup page. You will need the IP address if you are configuring access for computers on a different subnet than lexmarl printer.

Install the drivers and add the printer. Install a PPD file on the computer: Minimizing your printer’s environmental impact Lexmark is committed to environmental sustainability and is continually improving its printers to reduce their impact on the environment.


We design with the environment in mind, engineer our packaging to reduce materials, and provide collection and recycling programs. For more information, see: Before printing or making multiple copies of a document: These efficiencies result in fewer greenhouse emissions, energy savings, and natural resource savings.

Facilities may not exist in your area. Minimizing your printer’s environmental impact Select your country or region from the list, and then click the links or use the contact information provided. When you return a cartridge to Lexmark, you can reuse the box that the cartridge came in. Lexmark will recycle the box. Press the arrow buttons until Quiet Mode appears, and then press Select the setting you want, and then press Submitting changes appears.

Loading paper and specialty media This section explains how to load the sheet tray and the manual feeder. It also includes information about paper orientation and setting the Paper Size and Paper Type. Setting the Paper Size and Paper Type To print on a different size or type of paper, load the paper and then change the printer settings.

Specify a unit of measurement Make sure the printer is on and Ready appears.

Lexmark XN – X B/W Laser Manuals

From the printer control panel, press Paper Menu appears. Press Press the arrow buttons until Universal Setup appears, and then press Press the arrow buttons until Units of Measure appears, and then press Press the arrow buttons until the correct unit of measure appears, and then press Submitting Changes appears, followed by the Universal Setup menu.

Loading the paper tray Do not load the paper tray while a job prints or while Busy appears on the display. Doing so may cause a paper jam. Pull the paper tray completely out. Squeeze the width guide tabs on the right guide as shown, and slide the width guides to the sides of the tray. The width guides move in unison. Squeeze the length guide tabs together as shown, and then slide the length guide to the correct position for the paper size. Use the size indicators on the bottom of the tray to help position the guide.

If you are loading a longer size of paper, then squeeze the length guide tab and slide the length guide backward to the correct position for the paper size. Flex the sheets back and forth to loosen them, and then fan them.

Do not fold or crease the paper. Straighten the edges on a level surface. Load the paper stack toward the back of the tray as shown with the recommended print side facedown. The maximum fill line on the side of the width guide indicates the maximum height for loading paper. Squeeze the width guide tabs on lexmarrk right guide, and msnual slide the width guides to lightly touch the side of the stack.


Insert the paper tray. If lexmagk paper type you loaded differs from the type that was previously loaded in the tray, then change the Paper Type setting for the tray. Push the paper further into the manual feeder until the printer pulls it in. Do not force the paper into the feeder.

Forcing the paper causes jams. Paper and specialty media guidelines Paper guidelines Selecting the correct paper or specialty media reduces printing problems. For the best print quality, try a sample of manuaal paper or specialty media before buying large quantities.

Paper characteristics The following paper characteristics affect print quality and reliability. Consider these characteristics when evaluating new paper stock.

This content provides the paper with a high degree of stability resulting in fewer paper feeding problems and better print quality. Paper containing fibers such as cotton can negatively affect paper handling. Unacceptable paper The following paper types are not recommended for use with the printer: Lexmark has found no reason to discourage the use of today’s recycled office papers, but generally the following property guidelines apply to recycled paper. Supported paper sizes, types, and weights The following tables provide information on standard and optional paper sources and the types of paper they support.

For an unlisted paper size, select the closest larger listed size. Dimensions Paper tray sheets Manual feeder 1 Paper size sheet x mm 8.

Lexmark X204n User Manual

Executive x mm 7. Folio x mm 8. Printing This chapter covers printing, printer reports, and job cancelation.

Selection and handling of paper and specialty media can affect how reliably documents print. Printing a document From the printer control panel Paper menu, set the Paper Type and Paper Size to match the loaded paper. Flip the printed document, and then load it in the paper tray as shown.

Send the second page of the print job. Tips on using envelopes Print samples on the envelopes being considered for use before buying large quantities. When printing on labels: Do not use labels in the ADF. Check with the manufacturer or vendor to verify that: Printing a font sample list To print samples of the fonts currently available for your printer: Make sure the printer is on and Ready appears.

Select the job to cancel. From the keyboard, press Delete. From the Windows taskbar: When you send a job to print, a small printer icon appears in the right corner of the taskbar.