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Ministerio de Economía Fomento y Reconstrucción, Gobierno de Chile. Ley No. , D.S. No. FAO. Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. por el que se fija el texto refundido, coordinado y sistematizado de la Ley núm. , de y sus modificaciones, Ley General de Pesca y Acuicultura. numerosos artículos de la Ley General de Pesca y Acuicultura, y de las leyes que Fíjase el siguiente texto refundido, coordinado y sistematizado de la Ley Nº.

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Ley general de pesca y acuicultura. The Fishermen Association Act, The purpose of this Law is to regulate economic activities in fishing, and to protect fishing workers’ lawful rights and interests Ch. III provides for fishing. IV let with fishing resources. V ldy legal liability for compliance with the Law. VI stipulates supplementary provisions. The Fisheries Act, Article 2 provides for the definition of the following terms: Article 3 sets out the purpose of the present Law.

Article 4 sets out the purpose of the maintenance of the Registry. Article 6 regulates the Registry Panels. Article 7 regulates the procedure of registration into the Registry. Article 8 regulates the review of the applications.

Article 9 regulates the applications approval and the registration into the Registry. Article 10 regulates the disqualification from the Registry. Article 11 defines the inactive farmers.

Article 12 provides for 18892 maintenance of the Registry. Article 13 introduces a general sanction. Article 14 introduces the issuance of Regulations by the Governmental Council. Article 15 introduces the issuance of Decrees by the Ministry.

Buenos Aires Ciudad – Reseña Historica

Index referring on article 2 provides for a list of traditional occupations. Adapts the national legislation to: It amends the Articles 2, 4, 14 and 15 and the Appendix A.

leyy The Decree contains 24 articles. In particular deals with the organizational structure, role and functions of the working-level committee for marine fishery development under Article 11 of the Act. Also sets out policy outlines for ports, harbours and fishing villages. In particular, article 15 deals with Marine Safety Management in which the Government is obliged to draft and implement policies on the marine safety management, such as developing the marine safety technologies, improving the marine transportation 1882, securing the safety of the ships, and establishing systems, etc.

This Act provides for rules and regulations for the conservation 188892 management of fisheries resources, and for the production and processing of fish products. Defines responsibilities of different relevant organs for the following: In relation to fisheries resources conservation the central territorial environmental guidance organ shall arrange the following: Se considera “buque pesquero de bandera y registro extranjeros” a los buques de 18982 sin permiso para 18829 la actividad pesquera.

Zakon o morskom ribarstvu – Adoption: Regulates the implementation of the EU Common Fisheries Policy and managing bodies and their duties, supervision and control. Determines the aims of the fisheries policies, management and protection of the sea biodiversity, fishing ly, data collection, managing the fishing fleet, bodies responsible for support, participation in international organizations and projects.

Determines the bodies lsy charge of supervision and control, procedure and penal ely with regards to the implementation of relevant legal documents of the European Union, and contains definitions, le of fishing fleets, supports, market for fishing, special provisions, supervision, penal provisions. Act of 21 November on fresh-water fishing Text No. Contains nine sections covering, inter alia, definitions, scope of application, rest periods and penal sanctions.


Notification respecting safety training for fishermen No. Provides that participation in certain prescribed safety training for fishermen is a precondition for work on board any vessel, irrespective of tonnage.

Notification respecting safety in work carried out by professional divers. Regulates the manner in which the work is to be carried out by professional divers. Les cultures marines arts. Les cultures marines art. Protection du milieu marin arts. The Resolution contains 5 articles: It defines “sea” as the inland waters and territorial sea belonging to the State of Abu Dhabi.

Fishing is only allowed with a special permit issued by the Environmental, Wildlife and Development Research Department. Fishermen are allowed to receive permits up to four years with the possibility of renewal. Four Articles by which the Minister of Labour and Social affairs lays down the structure of a cooperative Society to safeguard the social and economic interests of Dubai’s fishermen.

This Proclamation of the Government of Eritrea deals with a wide variety of matters concerning marine and inland fisheries, protection of marine wildlife and aquaculture.

The main objective of this Proclamation is lley ensure that exploitation of living marine aquatic resources is consistent with sustainable economic, environmental and social conditions. Article 2 is amended so as to change the meaning of “Department” in the principal Regulations. Factory Vessel Regulations L. These Regulations lay down the hygienic conditions that shall apply to handling slaughtering, freezing, processing, salting, packing, etc.

Article 4 prescribes design of areas for preparation and processing and freezing of fishery products. Article 6 prescribes requirements for vessels on which fish is frozen. A qualified person on board of a factory vessel shall be responsible for implementing best practices.

Reseña Historica

Article 10 defines hygienic conditions applicable to heading, gutting and filetting, canning, smoking, thawing, etc. Article 24 contains general conditions for visual inspection of fish products.

Heavy Metals Regulations L. These Regulations lay down the measures for the monitoring of the heavy metals: Mercury, Lead and Cadmium in fishery and aquaculture products. Foreign Fishing Vessel Regulations L. These Regulations make provision for the granting of fishing and other licenses to foreign fishing vessels, lay down some rules relative to operations of key vessels in Eritrean waters, and prescribe offences and penalties. No fishing license shall be granted to a vessel which is not registered with the Ministry of Fisheries art.

The First Schedule provides a form of fishing license and the Second Schedule a form of a lfy license. Article 5 concerns fees. Conditions that in general leh to operations of foreign fishing vessels are set out in article 6.

Agents shall be appointed for each vessel for which an application for registration or granting of a license is made art. Remaining provisions set out rules lwy operations of vessels such as the stowage of gear, disposal of waste matter, and the fitting out of vessels, regulate scienti8fic research art.

The Third Schedule contains specifications for the marking of vessels. National Fishing Vessel Regulations L.

These Regulations make provision for the granting of national and fishing to fishing vessels, lay down some rules relative to operations of those vessels in Eritrean waters, and prescribe offences and penalties. Vessels that are not motorized or motorized but not exceeding four meters of overall length and vessels used exclusively for recreation fishing shall not be required to operate under a license art.


Applications for a national fishing vessel license shall be made to the Head of Department of the Ministry of Fisheries art. Article 6 makes provision with respect to fees.

Article 7 specifies general conditions that apply to vessels operating under a national fishing vessel license. No spear guns shall be used art. Marine turtles are declared to be protected species under article Provides for obligations of owner of vessel and skipper, and safety requirements on fishing vessels: Fishing Act of 27 September consolidation.

Provides for organisation of fishing and regulation of fishing and conservation of fishery resources. Public Law H. Amends title 46 of the U. Code in regard to safety standards for uninspected commercial fishing industry vessels, establishment of a Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Advisory Committee, fish processing vessel certification, accident data statistics, an inspection study, recovery of wages and fish under an agreement, and the seafarer’s duty to notify the employer regarding illness, disability and injury amended section Repeals section 2 of 46 USC.

Extends and amends in minor respects the Act of 20 Aug. Harbors and Navigation [A. The purpose of this chapter to establish certain standards for the protection and promotion of the health, safety and general welfare of people of the Territory of American Samoa; to encourage the orderly scheduling and safe operation of vessels in interisland and coastwise traffic in American Samoa and adjacent waters; to promote the public health, safety and general welfare by preventing unfair competition by and between vessels operating in American Samoa; to provide for fair and uniform rates, procedures, and regulations dealing with vessels operating in interisland and coastwise shipping in American Samoa and adjacent waters.

Marine Amendment Decree Decree No. Supervision par l’administration en cas de changement de situation. Fisheries Act, Act No. This Act makes provision with respect to the management and conservation of fisheries resources in The Gambia, regulates fishing by nationals of The Gambia on the High Seas and prescribes rules relative to aquaculture, fish processing and import and export of fisheries products.

The Act consists of sections divided into 17 Parts: The Secretary of State responsible for fisheries shall be charged with the administration of this Act.

The Director of Fisheries, under the supervision of the Secretary of State, shall be responsible for the implementation of the policy and measures regarding the fisheries sector and aquaculture and shall issue licences. The Fisheries Advisory Committee, established by this Act, shall advise the Secretary of State on policies required for the implementation of this Act.

The Director shall draft plans for the management and development of fisheries and aquaculture and may establish management committees for each plan.