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The amount of government investment on education annually will increase to 4 percent of the country’s total GDP byaccording to the outline. The proportion was 3. Ding Xuedong, vice minister of finance, indicated on Sunday that the four-percent target was ambitious but also challenging because other sectors such as agriculture, science and technology, health care and social security need investment, too.

Should the way forward be more spending cuts or investing in stimulus packages for recovery and growth? The following two years, the deficit is expected to be 4. Lans Bovenberg, professor of economics at Tilburg University, has mixed feelings about the figures. Economic growth keeps up well after this year, to 1. Unemployment in the Netherlands too will increase next year topeople, before dipping toandin the following years.

Bovenberg said the fact that budget deficits are not expected to proportionally decline by is disappointing. It’s not clear what part of the deficit is permanent, temporary and what will disappear once the economy recovers. The challenge for the Dutch government is to remain within the parameters set by the European Union, but it is doubtful whether that’s possible.

Brussels specifies that the debt should be lower than 60 percent of GDP and the budget deficit should be below 3 percent. The Netherlands is expected to miss these targets this year and making savings of at least 9 billion euros to cut the budget deficit from 4. To overcome the dilemma, Bovenberg recommended focusing on structural, not temporary, deficits. The situation in is more important. How to close the gap between the income and expenditure of the government in ?

Bovenberg said psyklogi government could consider cuts in healthcare and education, and consider reforms in labour laws, retirement and the housing market. Definitive figures will ocy published by the CPB later this month which will also discussed by Dutch political parties.

The project aims to produce aboutcubic meters of natural gas daily. Iran is under Western sanctions that affect the international development of its oil and gas projects over its controversial nuclear program which the West suspects of military purposes. The Iranian government strongly rejects such allegations. Several Western energy giants, including Total and Shell, have already withdrawn from the country’s energy sector.

In October, Iran said it decided to replace Russia’s Gazprom by domestic companies in Azar oil field after the Russian company failed to meet its obligations to finalize the project. According to local English-language daily Tehran Times, although several big multinational oil companies have pulled out of Iran’s oil and gas projects in recent years due to U. Iran, a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPECis the world’s fourth largest oil producer with an output of about 4 million barrels per day.

The country’s recoverable oil reserves are estimated at over billion barrels, or 12 percent of the world’s total. He expressed hope that “the orientations and instructions” of the meeting will help “the Malian government not only secure its political transition, but recover its territorial integrity.

There has been no disclosure of contribution by member states to the force estimated at nearly 3, nor of information on logistical support. Mali’s Tuareg rebels took advantage of the March 22 military coup to sweep through the northern part, larger than France, and declared an independent Azawad state only weeks after the junta seized power.

On April 16, the junta arrested 22 former military and civilian officials despite its handover of power to a government of transition. The officials were released on April 20 under mounting international pressure, while fears are rising that the junta maintains strong influence in Mali’s political life. On Guinea-Bissau, Ouedraogo appealed to West African leaders to display a “firm and decisive” show on the restoration of the constitutional peagogik and to adopt “vigorous measures” so that the decisions of ECOWAS could be “accepted by all.

The junta, which seized power on April 12, signed an agreement with the country’s opposition parties six days after the coup over a two-year transitional period before elections. The United Nations has also condemned the deal. The junta has threatened to resist against pfdagogik military intervention from outside the country.


It is also opposed to the military reform.

The junta launched the coup, citing a secretary agreement between the government and a strong Angolan military mission deployed in Bissau to destroy the military. The Angolan mission was deployed in Guinea-Bissau a year ago to help with the military reform, which ECOWAS considers necessary to uproot instability in the lsjingens country. Witnesses said the clashes erupted after Saleh’s supporters, lsningenns have been camping for one year in downtown Sanaa after anti- government protesters set up their camp near Sanaa University in the western part of the capital, blocked roads to demand salary lsningenz the government for staying in the sit-in camp.

Witnesses said the situation is calm after the police arrested several of Saleh’s supporters and security forces sealed-off the whole area. Saleh was forced out of power in February when he transferred power to his deputy Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, as part of a UN-backed power oxh deal that was brokered by neighboring oil-rich Gulf states following one-year massive protests against Saleh’s year rule.

However, anti- and pro-Saleh groups insisted to stay in the Tahreer Square after Hadi took office.

In the past weeks, Psykklogi tried to persuade the rival groups to remove their tents and prepare to join in the upcoming national dialogue to settle political disputes. Tahreer Square is about two kilometers away from the al-Sabeen Square where an al-Qaida suicide bomber killed more than 90 soldiers two days ago during a military rehearsal parade for the country’s National Day.

Yemen has struggled to end differences between political forces, including the Shi’ite rebel group in the north and a separatist movement in the south, to focus efforts on battling resurgent al- Qaida off-shoot in the southern province of Abyan.

But Chen did not criticize Wang’s frequent noncompliance as hesuffered often as a recruit years before. Chen instead dealt withhim through encouragement, psjkologi opportunities to exert histalent in knowledge and eloquence, such as teaching soldiers, andtaking part in speech contests and entrusting him with moretasks.

Wang, initially an unsocial man, has gradually adapted to lifein psukologi army. He has won the trust of his superiors and fellowsoldiers. A sergeant in a motorized infantry regiment in China’s XinjiangMilitary Area Command, the year-old Chen has ample experiencewith guiding soldiers in his eight years of military service.

And now, those one-child soldiers born in the s and s,have become the main force of the army’s grassroots units, some ofthem have been promoted to company commanders, or even battalioncommanders. Unlike 10 years ago when the camps were full of farmers-turnedsoldiers, the current new recruits consist of college students,senior-high-school graduates and people with working experience,according to Senior Col.

Wang Zhouqi, vice political commissar ofthe infantry division that the regiment belongs to. Having served for more than 30 years in the army, Wang hasconducted annual surveys of the newly recruited in recent years andthe results have shown soldiers nowadays are highly politicallyconscious, well-informed, educated and have a betterunderstanding. But in the past, we had to demonstrate it two or three times,” saidthe vice political commissar. Most of soldiers today know how to use a computer and some evenknow how to make web pages and computer programs.

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A number of lsnkngens learned how to drive before enlisting. They have constitutedresources of talents for the army.

Luo Xingjin, headof the political section in a motorized infantry regiment stationedin Xinjiang. But new recruits also have slningens shortcomings, which have anegative impact on the management of the army, according toWang. Born in the most prosperous period in more than one century ofChina’s history, those children, mostly the only beloved of theirgeneration in their families, have for a long time been widelyaccused of being spoiled, egoistic and uncommunicative.

Pu Tao, a company commander in the regiment, rememberedthat once a soldier denied his order to stand guard at night,because the soldier thought he had already done enough tasks duringthe afternoon. Such changes usually lie in the different ways of communicationbetween officers and men, and their joint participation inmanagement, according to Senior Col.

Duan Gongsheng, politicalcommissar of the division. To facilitate direct communication between soldiers and seniormilitary officers, “commanders’ mail boxes” have been installed onthe troops’ intranet, through which a private can send e-mails tothe political commissar of the Military Area Command, often ageneral, to offer his views on army building, cadres selection,awards for meritorious service or even confide their troubles.

More soldiers have begun to use the e-mail boxes which see anaverage of visitors daily. An anonymous soldier posted amessage, saying this platform has removed their ocg to speakout and smoothed the communication between soldiers andcommanders.


According to the army’s security rule, soldiers are not allowedto use mobile phones or surf the Internet outside the barracks. Instead of forcing soldiers to abandon their daily habits,military officers have tried to tailor ksningens rules to individualneeds. Internet cafes are open in military camps, allowing troopsto have video chats with their families, and telephones have beeninstalled in every dormitory, said Wang Zhouqi.

Li Xingde, 25, a company commander who is also the onlychild in his family. Li has been exploring a more effective way to establish closerelationships with soldiers. Every night, he drops in at thecompany’s dorms, talking with soldiers about all the interestingtopics, from movies, sports, to their love affairs. Rigorous training in the army has built up young soldiers’bodies, steeled their will, and improved their sense of obedience,said Wang Zhouqi.

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As long as they have ideals and beliefs, they have the directionof forging ahead, which can drive them to complete routine work andaccomplish missions, said Zhang. The young soldiers have gone through pexagogik severe trials in someof the deadliest disasters, such as the 8. Hassan was among numerous foreign laborers in Iraq who have to depart after the authorities rejected to renew their residence visa in a bid to protect local employment.

The Bengali, as other foreign workers in Iraq, managed his stay in the war-battered country pedzgogik spite of low wage and unstable security situation. He earned around U. Tikrit, hometown of the former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, has been the hotbed of insurgency since the U. Hassan has worked at the Tikrit Hotel for one year and is reluctant to go home where job opportunities are much fewer. Falah Ibrahim, member of the management of the Tikrit hotel, said the Bengali laborers are well-welcomed by the labor market in the city because of their high professionalism, devotion and low demand in salary, comparing with their Iraqi counterparts.

Iraq’s labor import history could be dated back to decades ago. The booming economy in mid s attracted hundreds of thousands of laborers from different countries to Iraq.

However, most of the imported laborers left Iraq when the Iran-Iraq war started inmaking the country’s budget turn to finance the war, Sabah Ismail, an Iraqi lsningena analyst told. Inthe U. However, when the U. Lsningems 6, foreign laborers are currently registered in Iraq, according to official statistics, but many doubt the figures due to lack of control of illegal immigration. Most of the foreign laborers working for private sectors, mainly in service fields including restaurants, hotels, houses, shops, and hospitals.

해원악기 쇼핑몰에 오신걸 환영합니다!

In midthe Iraqi government tightened up the control over foreign labor to protect the local employment. Back to Tikrit at the compound of the Salahudin’s Provincial Council, another Bengali laborer Khaled Iqbal, 33, was requesting the Iraqi authorities to review his residence case.

Iqbal praised Iraqi people for good treatment to the foreign workers, saying that “they Iraqis are good and respect the foreign laborers. I hope to stay in Iraq to earn more money for my children pshkologi Bangladesh. The conference was co-chaired by Vietnamese Minister of Planning and Investment MPI Bui Quang Vinh, and World Bank’s Country Lsniingens for Vietnam, Victoria Kwakwa, and with participation of Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, ambassadors of foreign embassies in Vietnam, representatives of donors, bilateral and multi-lateral organizations, non- governmental organizations, and domestic ministries and branches.

Addressing the conference, PM Nguyen Tan Dung informed participants of the country’s socio-economic development inand thanked international donors for their support. Inthe Vietnamese government will continue to stabilize the macro economy, with focus made on inflation control at 9 percent, secure operations of the banking system, maintain GDP growth at 6 percent, and reduce state overspending, stressed the PM.

Three sectors will be restructured, including public investment, state-owned enterprises with focus made on corporations and groups, and commercial banks and credit institutions, he added. Vietnam will continue to perfect the market economic mechanism, renew administrative procedures with transparency, speed up the fight against corruption psyklogi provide favorable conditions for business and investors, the PM pedxgogik.

He also said that the country will continue to receive support from the donors, pledging the country would effectively use the ODA funding and other preferential loans for socio-economic development.