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Misc’s anti-bro, bro. Age: 27; Posts: ; Rep Power: UMassBrah has a spectacular aura about. (+). Doing PSMF from Lyle’s Rapid Fat. into a plan after reading Lyle McDonald’s manual, Rapid Fat Loss. The Rapid Fat Loss Diet is a protein-sparing modified fast (PSMF) that. But in some of the forum discussions, PSMF and Lyle’s Rapid Fat Loss diet have been used somewhat interchangeably (right or wrong).

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What I’ve done is a PSMF kick start for a week or two than a few weeks of regular cutting after, its definitely a good way to go imo cause you see the scale move pretty quickly right off that bat. Protein beyond this minimum amount is also eliminated, as the body would use it for energy. Ive seen people have awesome results with this For nearly all of my days cutting over pounds of weight, I have enjoyed eating pretty much all of the things I have wanted — just in smaller quantities and with a much heavier priority of incorporating lean lgle and whole foods into my diet.

If you run into a problem, then go into detail, but why worry about things that don’t need to be worried about? I don’t know why this is so hard to understand.

protein sparing modified fast lyle mcdonald – Optimising Nutrition

Most studies of this kind are done with overweight or untrained subjects. And with fewer days of feeling hungry. American Heart Association, Inc. Its basically just keto but less calories, as soon as you jump back on carbs your weight will bounce up. Jamaican Me Crazy The idea of dealing with an all-inclusive resort after being on a crash diet flooded me with unease.


I did refeed after day I have had multiple bowel surgeries and for some reason keto eliminates most of my IBS issues. Buy the book and give the guy his props, but there are torrents floating around. Here is what B did to get there: So then let’s say you’re keeping your protein intake high enough to maintain or even build muscle while drastically cutting.

You eat nothing but protein, cut back on your lifts in volume but not intensity, and it will shed fat while maintaining LBM. Originally Posted by Uirate. He could also possibly suggest under maintenance for the refeed.

Day 3 My energy was now waning, though with careful timing, I made it through my workout. Carbs should be high to give an insulin spike and restock glycogen. By aiming45 in forum Keto. That’s kind of a bad metric to measure by tho.

Focus on carbs and eat lots of eggs. Best Fitness Articles — March 20, Unsourced or poorly sourced material may be challenged and removed. I think people who are so specific about exactly how many carbs and fats they intake are over complicating things unless you are trying to get right down to competition lean-ness.

Or links to where we can get in on dis shiet. Comment Name Email Website Join my insider list today!

Nutritional Biochemistry 2nd ed. I lost a fair amount of water from carb depletion.

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If you feel like you have no energy or focus, then you may have problems with the diet, since those don’t ever come back while you’re on the diet. It just explains the methodology in a fairly succinct manner. At least 17 dieters died suddenly, probably due to heart-related causes. I rolled around listlessly in my bed for a few minutes and then dozed off, leaving my work for the next day.


The diet, if you can maintain it and do everything right, does work. A protein-sparing modified fast PSMF is a very low calorie lye of fad diet ; it includes a protein component, fluidsand vitamin and mineral supplementation.

That being said I’d love to give PSMF a try but working long hours and hitting gym makes me ravenous. A lot of people are worried about losing muscle and strength, but if you follow Lyles guidelines then you won’t lose either, or it will be minimal.

We didn’t say one word ’cause he was at the front and I was in the backbut I knew Jordan also lype enough to be able to monitor me so I could do my experiment safely. I just see it as a very low cal diet. The costs of crash dieting are real.

Hopefully my lifts are up with what they have been tomorrow and the majority of my weight loss is fat.