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Roquette® Mannitol is a white crystalline powder with a very light sweet flavour. It is non-cariogenic, and has good thermal stability and low hygroscop. PEARLITOL®. Mannitol. Roquette. Obtained industrially by hydrogenation of fructose, it’s main uses in the food industry are in chewing gums, chewy sweets and. Mannitol is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations and food products. Mannitol may be used in direct-compression tablet applica- . Roquette Fre`res).

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Roquette® Mannitol

Roquette is a leader in providing carbohydrates for cell culture, roquerte developing novel technology for protein stabilization. To facilitate your successful biopharmaceutical formulation, Roquette offers expertise and innovation to all stages of development, backed by uncompromised quality standards and a secure supply chain. Our in-process quality control ensures a consistent supply of raw materials and excipients to support your needs.

Roquette helps save and sustain lives as a trusted supplier of excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients. We provide expertise and roquethe to all stages of pharmaceutical development, backed by uncompromised quality standards and a secure supply chain, instilling confidence to create a robust formulation.

Leveraging 80 years of know-how in plant-based ingredients for Food, Nutrition and Health, we offer innovative, high performing and sustainable raw materials to the Cosmetics market.

Be inspired by Roquette’s unique product range to meet your specific needs. Your success is our greatest priority and together we can write a new chapter for Beauty!

Roquette can help you roqeutte consumers the food they want and can feel good about: We can help you meet all those demands — globally! Roquette offers innovative plant-based solutions to meet the needs of your customers.

Our 80 years of industry experience help us deliver safe, reliable and high quality ingredients. Roquette provides high performing, innovative roquettw sustainable plant-based solutions for industrial customers! Our ingredients help you address the needs of consumers mannitl are looking for cleaner and safer material consumption. Talk to us about how we can help you address the carbon foot print and sustainability targets for your products.


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The password field is required and must matches with: The Email is required. Login to your account. Pharma and Nutraceuticals Mannitol pharma Print: High stability with no hygroscopicity.

Other Properties and Benefits.

To better serve you and give you exactly the information you need, select a country so we can verify that the product is available for sale in your country. When a product is verified ‘available for sale’ in a country, you can be assured that Roquette has met all the standards and registrations required by that country’s regulatory authorities.

Select Country of Usage. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. United States Virgin Islands. Federated States of Micronesia. Please select the usage country to continue. Product not available for sale. Get in touch to discuss requirements.

Particle Size Mean Diameter: Description Documents Request a quote Make an enquiry Order sample. Texturized for direct compression. You may order up to 3 samples per product. This comment must be less than chars. Add to basket Order now. We are unable to carryout a sample order right now.

Please try again later or alternatively you can contact us. Registrations may vary depending on local regulations. Amylomaize and Waxy Maize Starch. Amylomaize and Waxy Maize Starch provide excipient benefits as a disintegrant and filler or binder, as well as nutrient benefits as a carbohydrate source. Maltitol liquids are widely used in various pharma oral dose and nutraceutical applications including as a vehicle for losenges; medicated confectionary; syrups, suspensions, liquids.


It is a blend of starch, maize, and colloidal silica. Native starches are well known as disintegrants, fillers and binders once cooked in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Roquette patents mannitol excipient

Oxydized maize starch is well known as a disintegrant, filler and binder once cooked in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical dosage forms. Sodium starch glycolate provides pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers with a range of superdisintegrants for different formulation needs.

Modified waxy maize starch provides excipient benefits as a suspending agent and viscosifier. The information available here is not intended to indicate that a specific product is available or approved for sale in roquete country. It is meant to provide general information about our products and facilities.

Roquette® Mannitol by Roquette America, Inc. – Food, Beverage & Nutrition

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